Monday, August 13, 2012

Letter from President Wilstead:

Included in the 7/16 email

Dear  Elder Forshee ,
We are looking forward to you coming to join us.  Sister Wilstead and I are studying your application and letters to get to know you.  We are also praying for you.  We are excited to see you.  You are on your last few laps in the MTC so despite the monotony of the food and you desire to just be here, please take this precious time to focus and learn all you can and SYL.  You will look back with envy on your time in the MTC and wish you had more time to study once the whirlwind of finding and teaching begins.  Here is a brief overview of your schedule.  After you arrive in Sofia we will spend time the first afternoon filling out paperwork, conducting interviews, and preaching the gospel to people on the streets.  We will have dinner and a testimony meeting together that evening.  The next day we anticipate training together and we will introduce you to your trainer and send you off to your assigned area.
Because of the number of missionaries coming to the Mission Home, we are asking you to help us make your experience here in the Mission Home more enjoyable.  Please carefully consider your packing.  We don't have room for all of your luggage in the Mission Home so we ask you to pack your bags so that you can live for  two days out of one bag.  Then we can just store one or two pieces of your luggage when you arrive.  We will take extra bags directly from the airport to secure storage until you depart for your assigned area, so please try to manage your packing to help us both!  We suggest that for the time you will be in the Mission Home you have available the following: Preach My Gospel (Eng), Missionary Handbook, Scriptures (Eng), journal, lesson plans, note taking material, basic language study materials, toiletry items, documents, passports & photos, clothing for two days.  If you can fit this into one bag plus your briefcase/personal item carry-on, that would be wonderful.  Then we can keep your other luggage in storage.  If you have any questions please email us and we will try to respond.  We love you and are praying for you.

Warm regards,
President Michael Wilstead
Bulgaria Sofia Mission

PS  Please have current email and cell phone numbers for your parents to give us when you arrive--
Стареишина Форши

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