Monday, August 13, 2012

“I had so much fun in LA!”

Hi!!! How is everyone?! This letter writing thing is harder than I thought. They give NO TIME to write letters or even do any personal stuff whatsoever. I miss you all a ton! Thank you to the girls for the kind letters, I appreciated them greatly. Big hugs and kisses for them. And Mom, very funny card! I laughed out loud! J Yes, I got the ATM card and it works great. I had so much fun in LA! 2 planes, lots of new friends and a day trip! My favorite things! I ran into a problem. The printing service for pictures is down, so I’m investigating email. Not sure how it’ll work but I’ll try! I miss and love each of you. Dad, Mom, Ally, Jesse, and Kayla! You each have a huge hug and kiss from me!
Talk to you soon!
Elder Forshee

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