Monday, August 13, 2012

"Can you believe that I leave in a week! That is crazy!!"

How are you? How was Bear Lake and you are going to California? I won't be needing an international calling card, because I will not have any time in the layover in Frankfurt. Can you believe that I leave in a week! That is crazy!! I am seriously ready to get out of here. I don't want to be at the MTC anymore, I want to be away from here. My 30 minutes starts now, so write back!!

Also, I am going to be sending a package home the monday before I leave. I am out. of. room. I am actually having to sacrifice a couple of things to get it on the plane. I am flying Lufthansa from DC to Frankfurt, and also from Frankfurt to Germany. I NEED someone to research carryon specifications, because the paper I was given only said 18 pounds. I can't do 18 pounds. No clothes, I will be sending stuff home. My companions are still Elders Hoy and Stratton. My entire district is going that day unless our visas don't come. We still haven't heard anything. And no family emails. I haven't taken any other pictures, so there won't be another card. I will email anything I get to you right away in bulgaria.
The airline. I need you to research their carryon policy. The paper I was given says that I can only have 18 pounds. Also, I need at least $500 in my checking. I will be reimbursed in Bulgaria, but luggage will be expensive.
OH and in answer to your question, yes I will be calling you, not the day before, but the day in the airport. I leave the MTC at 6:30ish in the morning, probably getting to the airport at 7"30. I need to check my bags, do security and whatnot, so I will probably be able to call you in Salt Lake around 8:30 8:45ish. Will you and Dad be together?
K I think I know what this is. We just got 700 new missionaries this week. The servers are completely overjammed. I have to go start laundry now, but if there is an open computer, I will go and take it. Love you both!

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