Monday, August 13, 2012

"I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday, and that was really cool."

I'm on, if you would like to chat. But I'll start writing my big letter now. :)
Hey!! So this week was just about normal. Lots of language (which is starting to come along), and study. I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday, and that was really cool. Everything here is just about the same. Sick of the food, and the schedule. Just wanting to get out there!!!! I leave here 2 weeks from tomorrow. I ended up having a couple more pictures to take, so I sent the SD card on Friday. It should be getting to the new house today or tomorrow. I took extra precautions to make it very safe. I am relieved you got my package. I haven't been in the loop! I haven't gotten a single DearElder this week!? Are they just not getting to me? Tell the girls I LOVED their letters. They made my week. Yesterday after Mission Conference I was preparing my lesson on enduring to the end, and the fire alarms went off. I ended up having to wait outside while the fire department checked everything out. I'm doing well here, and I bought a phone card for the airports. Only suckish part is they only work in the US. So I have 500 minutes to talk to you throughout my layovers. Hopefully they are long. Sorry about the shirt mom, it was actually a gift. One of the elders in my district received it from their grandpa and it was WAY too big for him so he gave it to me. But I would totally get you one if I could. :) I just got an email, so I will close this up and start chatting! I love you all and I miss you!
Yes Dad, I got your email. I loved it! Thank you for the words of encouragement. And Mom yes, I'm here. :) Ready set go
I have no idea! Maybe I will get a ton today. Oh, and as of my schedule. This is basically it:

Monday : PDAY
up at 6
temple at 7:30
laundry at 11:30
whatever until dinner at 5:30
class from 6 - 9:30

up at 5:50
Gym at 6:05
Study until lunch at 12:30
class at 1:20
dinner at 5:30
Devotional at 7
Review at 8

up at 5:50
service at 6
breakfast 8:30
class 9 - 12
lunch 12
study till 2:30
class 2:30 - 5:30
dinner 5:30
gym 8:10

up at 6:30
breakfast 8:30
class 9 - 3, with lunch in the middle
class 6 - 9

up at 6:30
basically same as thursday but gym at 3:10

up at 6:30
study till 2:30
class till 9:30

Sacrament 8
Priesthood 10
district meeting 1:45
Temple walk 3:30
dinner 5
devotional / movie 7 - 9:30

And that's my week! (S
No I haven't, and yes I still love all of them. They are amazing. I'm close to really everybody. And the shirts at the bookstore are order only, and mine took 4 weeks to get here. No time anymore :(
So they told us that the LDSMail servers are way overloaded right now because the MTC is filled to capacity. But I may be able to get on once more this afternoon. I love you all, and hopefully our little chat things will work better in the future. Обичам вие, и чао!
I will later. Maybe in a letter. I'm getting kicked off now. :) Love you!

Hey I need to send in my dry cleaning. However, I do not have any pants to wear. If you could send me a pair of washable dress slacks (probably black) that is 40x34 that would be fantastic. Like by tomorrow? I have no pants..... :)
Love you!

Grama Cindy to the rescue!!! She and Tom went right out and bought and sent him some pants. We can't have a pantless Elder running around now can we?!?

My response to him: Hi baby boy. I just talked to grama cindy. She is going to get you a pair of pants today, but they will not be there until tomorrow evening. She will have it to the same day delivery by tomorrow at 3, but that means it will be to you after 4. That is the best I can do. Your grama must love you lots. Not as much as I do, but I am out of Town. :) hope that works for you!!!  Question: Why do you not have pants? ;)

 That's awesome. Tell her thank you so much, and I owe her. I'll repay her in about 2 years.... :) And it's just cause I will be sending everything to dry cleaning on Wednesday. Tell her thank you so much and that I love her and you as well!!

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