Monday, August 13, 2012

"Haha I am proud of you for not hiding in the trunk of Nikki's car. But I would have forgiven you I promise :P"

Thank you so much for the scriptures!! They were PERFECT!!! The blue would have been fun, but the black looks so classy and awesome. I've been using them nonstop! When you talked to that lady in the office, I was sitting right there. I could hear your voice through the phone. . . :) No stalking or anything. Dad has 26 gigs!!?? That is crazy!!! That's going to be a ton of money though! Just as long as he is still having fun doing it. So about the house. Are you getting a bad feeling about it falling through? Do the people like really want it? How did the inspection go? Did you purchase the lot? And the rental in Cedar Hills, where is it ish? I dont think it will fall through. But if it does, it just means that the Lord didn't want us to move quite yet. Everything will be great. I will send you another memory card today. :) You'll think some of the pictures are funny. They are all of my district and me. My district is crazy awesome. I love all of them. I just got a "new" companion too. He is going to the Czech Republic, but had to have surgery so he was delayed for a week or two. My room was the only one with an empty bed so I got put with him. I hardly ever get to see Elder Welker. Our schedules are all different. But I've seen him a couple of times. Haha I am proud of you for not hiding in the trunk of Nikki's car. But I would have forgiven you I promise :P And no I wasn't in the parade. We aren't allowed to leave the MTC. That's awesome about Ally's rodeo! Tell her I love her and that I'm sad that I couldn't make fun of her for falling off ;) Tell Kayla she's super cute and should be expecting a letter this week. It makes my day to receive her letters. Tell Jesse that I miss her a ton and her "Nacho" has rubbed off. I find myself quoting it when I'm lonely.

Answers to my endless questions (pretty self explanatory...): 
The Temple is closed for maintenance. I actually got to go in last week and clean it! It was way fun. But the Temple opens again on the 25th of this month. It's been closed for forever!

Haha no I'm not by myself, but each room has 4 beds. I have myself, Elder Stratton, and Elder Hoy (my companions), and now Elder Pryvak taking the bed that has been empty this whole time. DON'T SEND COOKIES. :) I love them, but there is too much food here at the MTC. I'm keeping myself to a strictish diet. I eat a salad with every meal, and get only one entree and one dessert. :)

I am a little worried about luggage. Books added 24 pounds!!!!!! But I'm very careful with what I buy just so that I absolutely need it. We'll see how it goes. There is a luggage weigher in my building so I wont leave without it being underweight.

Haha and to be honest, I haven't really been homesick! they don't give you time to breathe, let alone think about family.
My favorite meal at the MTC is a chicken patty sandwich with lots of lettuce and pickles (I dont know why, but I am falling in love with pickles), with a small salad, and ice cream.

And LOTS of caffeine free coke. (Which I heard won't be the case in Bulgaria. The water isnt okay to drink, so lot's of coke for me!!) Haha and by Coke I mean Diet Coke. You raised me to hate the stuff.

Haha tell her (Kayla) I love her so much! Here is a big virtual hug for her. (((((((((((((------------))))))))))))))
Language is hard. Literally how it went was they through you at a native investigator day 2 and expected you to teach a lesson all in Bulgarian. It was crazy. Now the language is coming a lot faster, but there is so much. I learned Spanish in 5 years, not 9 weeks. My companions are awesome. Elder Hoy is from Edmunton Alberta Canada. He is so funny and always makes me laugh. Elder Stratton is from Layton, and is into musicals and stuff like that. We find ourselves singing Wicked when we get bored. The lack of music here is crazy and is killing me. No Ipod in the mtc, no exceptions.

I take a melatonin either every night, or every other night. I dont sleep through the night hardly ever though.

Haha those are awesome! She looks beautiful! (after receiving the pics of Ally in her first rodeo)

Haha yeah. Well, our hair appointment is right now, so I love you! And I'll be writing you this week. Talk to you later!

Here's the pictures taken by Aunt Nikki when they dropped off Elder Welker. Nick was waitin at the curb for his cousin. This is why he was proud of me for not hiding in the trunk...

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