Monday, August 13, 2012

"Bulgarian is SO. HARD. But it will be worth it in the end."

Hello everybody!!

Wow this week has been crazy. I haven't even had time to write anyone any letters! This week was cool, but it was hard as well. Bulgarian is SO. HARD. But it will be worth it in the end. How is everyone!? I miss everyone so much. I wanted to get on and send a Happy Birthday to Dad yesterday, but I didn't want to break any rules. How is the "selling the house" thing going? Is packing just crazy?? Is Tay super excited to come in? I can't wait to see him! I just got back from being able to clean the Temple! I had never done that before, and we can't go right now because the Temple is under rennovation. But my district to go and clean the locker rooms for a couple of hours. I am just having the best time here. I am best friends with all of my district and I love them all. Did you get my SD card?? I sent it last monday and didn't hear anything. If so, PLEASE send it back asap. I am also going to be buying a new set of scriptures today. I am getting them engraved with "Elder Nicolas Forshee". I'm super excited. It should only be about $40 with my missionary discount. I'm going to send this now so that you can respond with me on. Love you all! Tell the Girls I miss them so much. And Mom and Dad. I love you more than anything!

Обичам Те!

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