Monday, March 4, 2013

So Sofia is amazing. It is so big it's crazy. It feels like I'm in New York or something. There are great places to see, tons of people to talk to, and fun people to be around.

Nick's mom here, with a HUGE apology for the gap in blogging. It has actually been a challenging time in Bulgaria for my favorite missionary, as he has faced opposition and challenges that we did not expect. Many important lessons have been learned and Nick's opportunity to grow has definitely been provided. As I catch up on some of the posts from the past 2 months, please enjoy his new adventure with us in Sofia (his first transfer!!) He is so excited to be there and is loving the new area!

How is the new branch? How many? - The branch is amazing. About 100 people came to church yesterday, and almost EVERYONE SPEAKS PERFECT ENGLISH. My favorite member is Martin (Мартин), and he is fluent fluent in like 7 languages. He helps us all the time with member presents, and it is just cool.

How is the new companion? Tell me about him. - Elder M is awesome. He is from South Jordan and he played football down at SUU for a semester before coming out. He is in the group right ahead of me, so he entered the MTC in April. We get along great, are already great friends, and have a ton of the same interests. 

So, I have heard rumors of more political unrest. What is with the protests and riots in Sofia? I got an email from who I think is your senior missionary couple (sister) saying that you all still have electricity despite the cost and that protests and riots are happening. Are you safe? What have you seen? - Well, the country is falling apart. As you probably heard, the Prime Minister resigned, as did the Pope for the Catholic Church. The mafia is controlling the ток  which is the power, and people are having to pay double just cause it's the Mafia. They are pissed and are rioting. We are told to de-tag and run away if we see any members of the Mafia.I have seen a couple of big ones here with some angry Bulgarians, but I haven't gotten anywhere near. Sofia is a HUGE HUGE place. Over 1 million people. -

 Alright. So Sofia is amazing. I cannot believe I was scared to come here. It is so big it's crazy. It feels like I'm in New York or something. There are great places to see, tons of people to talk to, and fun people to be around. Sofia has everything. I have been genuinely happy here. There is such a busy-ness here that is just exciting. For example, I have a 40 minute commute every morning and evening via public transportation to get to the church building. It's a lot of fun to learn "city-life". I am very happy to be here.

Today we are going on a hike to a monastery with Martin. It should be a lot of fun!.
Старейшина Форши

Is it an actual church building that you meet in with so many members?? Have you played the piano for them yet? Where are you emailing from? Internet cafe? How far away from your apartment is it?
It's the mission home. No piano, because we have a member that does it. I'm at an internet cafe about 10 minute walk from the apartment.

Tell me about your new apartment?
It is one of the nicest apartments in the mission. It is huge, has Parno (which is the unlimited hot water pumped in by the city), and it is just awesome. I'll get some pictures for next week.

Has it gotten warmer? I am sending your shoes finally this week. Is there anything else you would like me to send also?
It got really warm yesterday, but then cold again today. I'm hoping that Spring is around the corner. Mmmmmm I'm not sure!? Surprise me? :)

Haha the only thing I can think of is Reeses stuff. There is an american family here that work at the embassy named the S family, and the invited us over for dinner last night and SPOILED us. I got American hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cinnamon rolls, and a ton of easter candy to take home. I was way grateful. It was like being in America again!

Yay!!! They fed you?!? I LOVE them!!! Haha. I got Reese's stuff for you. How funny. I'll send it off this week! 

Thank you for the pics! I love them all. Except the bat one. That one I don't love. Yuck. :)
The bats were ALL OVER!!!! Elder H touched one on the wall. I will take some cool pictures today at the monestary too.

Mom, I gotta go. My ride's here for the monastery. Love you so much! Talk to you next week. :)
Here are the latest pics from Elder Forshee. Last week was his final week in Stara Zagora and they went exploring some caves. So cool!

Monday, November 26, 2012

"It's amazing how aware the Lord is of His children and His missionaries. I love Him a ton!"

Hello everybody! It is COOOOOLD here in Stara Zagora! Let me start with some questions (in this new format).

Hi Sweetie, I am a little sleepy tonight and so I cut a couple corners in your email. I intermixed my letter to you with the questions we had this week, please just copy and paste this one and answer any questions I throw at ya...

So, Thanksgiving was fun. You and Tay were sure missed by EVERYONE!!! Only Uncle JJ and Aunt Julie weren't there. It was a full house again! Dinner was delicious of course and I ate way too much. We went to a movie after dinner at the District and then home to bed. I DIDN'T even black Friday shop until 8 am! Then Abbey and I went black friday shopping at a couple of boutiques and then Costco. We got a 55 in SMART TV!!! It is so cool! It is for the family room of the new house. Then we went to the outlet mall to visit Ally, who was working. It was PACKED! Anyways, a good weekend for the most part. Life begins again tomorrow.:/ We had a great time with Abbey here, she always asks about you. She reads your blog everytime!   I dropped Abbey back off at the dorms today after a missionary farewell for Rachel. She enters the MTC on Wednesday and is going to N. Carolina. We would like some details on your Thanksgiving day!!! Consider that a question...

 - Well, Thanksgiving was really cool. As you saw, I made an Apple pie and a Banana cream pie. They both turned out wonderful, and everybody basically worshipped the ground I walk on. :) TIP! For the banana cream, use only flour, not cornstarch. If you let it boil for a while, you can tell absolutely NO difference to taste, and you are able to cut it wonderfully, and it is set in a matter of minutes. :) We contacted a little bit on Thanksgiving, and I was going to make the pies that day, but our power was shut off all of thanksgiving, so I had to make the pies the night before. Thanksgiving dinner was at the church. Haha, everything was cold because we don't have a kitchen there but it was good nonetheless. :) Haha we bought the chicken from this place called Shami which is our favorite duner stand. It was pretty good... AND There is this place here called Technopolis, which is basically best buy, and Elder Worley and I were DROOLING over the SmartTV!!! I can't believe you got it!
 So, framing on the house starts tomorrow!!! I am so excited I could cry! We all go over there everyday to see what has happened. Last week was not much. Weather is holding out for now... I'll keep sending pics as they start!
 - That's so exciting!!! Keep those pictures coming, I love them a ton! I love the lot and basement! I'm so excited for you guys!
 Dad was wondering about the language. Do you feel like you are still progressing? Has it gotten any easier?
 - Okay, here is my official stance on the language. I am beginning to be able to understand people when they talk to me. I can say a lot of the things that I would like to and I form all of the verb and tense conjugations pretty well. I always have Elder Worley with me so If I don't know a word I can always ask him. As far as "fluency" I'm nowhere near. Everybody in the mission tells me that I'm the best speaker by far for how long I've been out here, but I don't know. It's really hard when you don't know exactly how to answer the people when they have questions or concerns, but it's getting easier and is a work in progress.
 We got the video from the Larsens! I have maybe watched it 100 times is all. We are so happy to have it and to hear you are playing! Do you play for church? Dad is hoping you get to practice often!
 - I'm glad you liked it. I didn't even know he was recording. :) Haha no I don't play for church. Sister Frame is a pianist, and she is really good. I do get to sing for church though. Yesterday, I was talking with some people downstairs when a member comes down into the room, points to me and says עט שו ןוור. Which means, you will sing. She grabs me, and takes me upstairs where 30 people are sitting dead silent, and they made me sing like 6 songs.'ll see. :) But everybody in the branch loves my voice and yada yada.
We got a Christmas tree this weekend. It is live and very small. We bought lights for it but so far can't find the ornaments. We may be stringing popcorn this year. Candy canes, snowflakes, etc... a homemade Christmas. That is new. :) We also got some colored lights to hang on the deck in the front of the townhouse. One strand covers it but it is cheery and the girls love it. 
 - Cool! :) That's one thing I'll miss.
 Dad is going to Kentucky this weekend and Texas the next. Always busy! He says to tell you hi and he loves you.
 - Tell him that he's a stud, and to keep up having fun!
 We will be doing the live nativity on Monday after he is back. I will be missin you for sure that night. I remember last year, you drove all the way up to go with me even though you were sick and tired. Meant the world to me. :)   - Haha me too don't worry! I wouldn't miss my last time with my mommy!

This Christmas will be pretty different. No decorations (other than the tree and a wreath when I make it.) We will still do as many of the traditions as we can, but it will feel like we are traveling and not "at home". We are sledding on Christmas Eve. Wonder where you will be living then. Do you know when transfers are? Can you tell me why the atmosphere feels so anti-American right now?
 - Transfers are about a week before Christmas, I don't know when. It was going to be a couple of Elders' THIRD CHRISTMAS on the mission, and President didn't want to do that to them. So he's ending the transfer a week early. I really don't care what happens. It is possible I will be here in Stars again, and that would be okay with me. Wherever President wants. The people think that Americans are all rich and stuck up and just life is better there. I'm not disagreeing with them... ;) but people just don't like us. And yeah I could be anywhere.

Have NOT received package from you yet. I'll let you know the minute it gets here...
- :( I am PRAYING it gets to you.
Any trouble this week? Me and Sarah are going to the temple this week to put your name on the prayer roll. I figured HF would know everyone I mean if I put Nick's district... :) Have you heard of any trouble in other areas? Sarah was wondering how old those kids are about?
- Thank you very much, that's very nice. No trouble this week luckily...the "kids" are generally between 20-25 or so. And there is trouble EVERYWHERE, not just here.
 How have you been feeling?
- Pretty good, pretty normal. :)

Grama was wondering if you have had any spiritual experiences you could share with us?
- Well, it's not very specific, but I was having a hard day, and I had just downloaded a random 30 hours of general conference to put on my ipod, and I was listening to one random talk that really really made things easier. It's amazing how aware the Lord is of His children and His missionaries. I love Him a ton!

When is zone conference?
 - Like the 10thish of December, plus or minus 5 days. I don't know.

Plans today? How is Elder Worley doing? How long has he been out and what areas has he been to?
 - Movie: The Incredibles. Nothing really else. Elder Worley is great. He has been out in country for 10 months, but he was in Chicago for a month and a half because his Visa got delayed. He's great! I'm really thankful for friends like him. Elder Worley is an incredible person, and I LOVE serving with him. You always hear about those mission buddies for life, and he is absolutely one of them. :)
 Are you pretty sure about the skype thing for Christmas? If not I need to be prepared to have an international calling plan added to my phone. Though Skype sounds AWESOME!!!
 - Yeah I'm totally sure. It's free, and you'll be able to see my pretty little face. :)

Well, this week was rather slow. We didn't meet any of our goals as far as lessons or receives goes, and not a lot of people wanted to talk. We did meet a couple of really cool people, and we'll see how well that can go. It got REALLY cold this morning, like really cold. My ears hurt a ton. I will have to consider a beanie. :) Not really too much else going on in my life though.  I have to go...I'm going on secret splits to get Elder Worley a Christmas present. I love you so much!! Talk to you soon!

 I love you all a ton!
- עאנוירטםא מנרט

Love you more.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Surprise!!!

Woke up to the second best gift I could have gotten this Thanksgiving morning!!! Thank you Sister Larsen for sending me this special surprise of my Elder playing a song on the piano. Tears of joy!


Monday, November 19, 2012

"The work is hard here in Bulgaria, but we have some ideas on things to do to make it progress faster. We are starting up an English Discussion Group for those who speak english-ish, and we will "help them improve their english" whilst teaching the gospel. We are hoping for a ton of success."

Hey Ya'lls, wassup. :)

So Let me first start out by answering your "prompts" rather than questions.

About your week.
SO SLOW. We make goals at the beginning of each week on how many of everything we will try to get. We had a goal for 8 lessons. We got 1.NO one has been listening, wanting to listen, or even give us the timeof day. I got 2 people's numbers this week as opposed to the like 14 or 15 every other week. Our progressing investigators aren't wanting to really do anything, and Dancho can't meet at all. The work is snail-like, but I know that it is the right work to be engaged in. I've downloaded and have been listening to conference on my ipod. I have a total of like 36 hours. It really helps in slow trying times.

About your plans for Thanksgiving.We are having a district thanksgiving this thursday. There is no such thing as "turkey" here in Starz, so we are ordering precooked chicken. I made an apple pie from scratch to see if I could, and it turned out DELICIOUS, so I am in charge of an apple pie, and the banana cream pie. About that, the banana cream recipe I want is the one from your White Binder that has the picture in the top left and the ingredients down the right side of the page. Also, there is no cornstarch here. I want to say I can substitute double flour, but back me up on that. It will be a small thanksgiving, but I love my district so it will be fun.

Any investigators? No. lol.

One of the lessons in church that you have taught or learned something from recently. Haha well, it is very hard for me to learn, because everything is in Bulgarian. But we had a discussion about the Atonement the other day,and how it is the single most important act in the history of . . .ever. It is wonderful to me to see that I have a Savior who was so willing to give up everything that I can have life and happiness.

Any more trouble? (I did want to know where they punched you this time. And are there any police roaming around?)Haha not yet. I saw some on the street but I got away quickly. I got punched in the chest again, and kicked in the groin. And the police hate us even more than the punks. I swear they encourage this sort of garbage. :)  And the police refuse to help us in times of trouble or so I've been told. We are literally despised here.

Anywhoo,We went down to Plovdiv for Zone Training Meeting, where I got a letter from Grandma Justus. Tell her thank you so much and that it was great to hear from her. I got to see the Wilsteads again, and they are doing well. The work is hard here in Bulgaria, but we have some ideas on things to do to make it progress faster. We are starting up an English Discussion Group for those who speak english-ish, and we will "help them improve their english" whilst teaching the gospel. We are hoping for a ton of success. Elder Worley is doing great. He is an incredible person, and I love serving with him. I'm at the zala right now, so there will not be pictures till tonight, but I've got some good ones to get to you. :) ALSO. I have a "larger file" that might "play music" and just maybewill "show moving pictures" that I would like to send. I need a way toget this to you. I think it is around 150 mb.

Anywho, I love you all, and sorry there wasn't a ton this week. I feel that way too.
Write back!!-- Старейшина Форши

Also: I want a picture of the wrecked car!!

You wont see ANY damage in a picture. Ally didn't even think there WAS any damage!!! I sawll it quickly but it only LOOKS like a you cut the paint on a small part of the hood with a razor blade. Crazy that it is going to be that much!! There was a ton of deer hair on the hood. They were sooooo freaked out!
They?? Was someone else in the car?
Just Ally and Kayla. Poor babies!Aww thats hard. And thanks for the article.

Well, I know that there are a few things on there way for Christmas...  Here is a secret though... Wilstead had us mark the package a certain way if we wanted it reserved for Christmas. Grama Cindy didn't mark hers (which is why you already got it), but Janet, and me and I think Grandm/pa Forshee did...etc...
That's way cool about the Christmas stuffs.... :) And the police refuse tohelp us in times of trouble or so I've been told. We are literally despised here.
Crazy about Sister Wakefiled meeting Elder Ankney in Turkey huh?!? And yeah Jake's awesome. We hung out a bunch in the MTC. I have sent you some pictures with him in them.
When will I get those pics? They sound fun!You'll probably get them within about 6 hours. I am going to the mallwith Elder Worley to get him some memory cards, then lunch, then watching Monster's Inc at the church. So soon.
Woohoo! That's what I like to hear! Did you find gloves? Is it cold? Snowing?No, it's not snowing yet. Apparently we may not get snow until likeJanuary. But it's definitely cold. My coat is nice though. I'm tryingto find some cheaper gloves than like 35 lev.
HOw much is 35 lev? I will send more money if you need!!! I want you to have gloves! I wish I had sent some in a package!35 lev is like 23ish dollars. I know I can find some cheapersomewhere. And don't worry, I have my ATM card on me.
You know my necklace that says elder Nick Forshee and Sofia Bulgaria... I get asked about that every single day of my life! Strangers come and touch it on my neck. How funny! I haven't taken it off once!Haha that's weird.... and awesome.... how do you ENJOY people touching your neck?
You KNOW I hate people touching my neck!!! :)

Where are you getting the cooked chicken from? What is everyone else bringing. Is it like a full Thanksgiving dinner? I haven't seen or heard anything about the sisters for awhile...Sisters are doing fine, and are doing potatoes and vegetables. Elders Olmstead and Lamb are doing the chicken???? and the breads Elder Worley is on Juice. :) I'm pies. The Haskovo Elders (which are in our district) are also bringing a pumpkin pie, and gravy.Also, they don't sell pumpkin here, which is why I'm not doing a pumpkin pie. Would you be brave enough to actually make pumpkin forthe pie??
No. I wouldn't!!!  ;) But I will google it for you!Interesting. Seems "easy" enough, but not with my kitchen supplies!! :)
It seems like it would take FORVER!! I am surprised you are not doing the chocolate one. Grama mentioned how sad she was that you aren't making that for us on Thursday!
Haha yeah I'm sad to be missing it. Also, I do have to go. I'm gettinga haircut now so I stop looking like a man-sheep. Haha. :) I love you so much, and go to sleep. :D

DO NOT get it cut as short as last time. That was awful!!! hahaha. Sorry!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING> Please tell everyone I said hello and Happy Thanksgiving. I will probably email you that day just cuz I'll be missing you. You can read it next Monday, just didn't want you to be surprised. I will look forward to the pics today!! Love you baby

Love you, and I'M GOING SHORTER THEN!!! Haha, peace.

A cool train
Cutest cats
Me and PIE
Worley and PIE
Worley after PIE
Cool chess set that I bought..

If I get 0000 I will be incredibly lucky.

Love you all, and I just got 4444 today, that's why I'm showing them to you.
More for next week!!

"We got some news from President that if Romney had won the election that Eastern Europe would be holding protests at/in LDSbuildings. He told us to get the ---- out of there if there was any protest, to remove our nametags, and just run. But that shouldn't be happening anymore."

Sooo, Nick has been working hard to share his love of the gospel with the people of Bulgaria. He has said that despite the obstacles and major differences in the culture and the anti-American attitudes of many of the people, he loves it there and knows he is doing what he is supposed to at this time in his life. I have debated long and hard whether to share this part of his journey, as he is faced with unexpected and at times scary opposition. After Nick's last email last night, I have decided to include this part of his communication, with his permission, not to upset anyone, but to paint a realistic and true picture of his life. Cuellars don't sugar coat things well anyways,and if you are following his mission, it is because you love Nick, and I know you will not only want to celebrate his successes with him, but pray for him during times of difficulty. Nick is fine.  He had another "incident" with some of the local guys who seem to enjoy harrasing the elders (leaving the sisters alone so far thankfully). This is the second time he has been physically attacked. He wasn't seriously hurt, but I had many questions for him that I had to wait to get the answers to. So, here's what I know...

Good Morning!!Starting with some questions...

How many people are there involved?- There are total about 12 guys in the city that like to make our lives horrible. But only 2 that seem to hit.
How do these things start?- This time we just ended up on the same street corner at the sametime. And they just take that as opportunity.
Did you sustain any injury?- Nope. Just a quick but hard punch to the chest and kick to the groin. Ouch.
Did you defend yourself?- No.
Was any other missionary involved/hurt this time?- No.
What does Pres. W tell you to do in the situation?- He says that if there is immediate danger to yourself or your companion then kick their @$$. But other than that, just leave and get out of the situation as fast as possible. They usually don't follow us.  ---
Was that the first kick to the groin for you?? Sounds delightful! Were all 12 of them there at the same time?
Yeah first groin one, but not too bad. Only 3 guys.
I'm sorry Mom. Don't mean to worry you, just a little bit of opposition that's all. There's not much we can really do about it. It doesn't happen that often, and DO NOT contact President Wilstead about it. He is well aware of these incidents, and I have already filed reports on them. He would NEVER allow his missionaries to be in an unsafe enviornment, and he takes every precaution necessary to ensure our safety. He gets worried emails about incidents all the time, and that is not the way to fix these problems. It wastes his time. Don't worry, I've got it covered. I'm completely fine, and it just means the work is progressing. I love you both, and thank you for the encouragement, but please let me handle it.

So, on to happier news from Bulgaria...
Did you get any package from me????- I got the one with the awesome book! I like it a lot, thank you so much!!

How is the weather for you? (I really like your coat! It looks great and warm!)- It is getting a lot colder. But the coat keeps me very nice and warm. YAY FOR FREE!!

What can you tell us about your companion? It looks like you guys are doing great. What is his family like? Are you finding you have a lot in common with him?-
Well, we are basically the same person. He is way into photography and we stay up talking about camera stuff and video stuff. He is more the video side of things. They live in West Jordan. He is so cool!!

Did you get the money that you need? (Thank you fort MAYBE getting a present shipped off!!! I love it already!)-
Yep, and sorry for the rush. I used all of my MSF to cover....i mean....maybe to cover.....something...... ;) I REALLY REALLY hope that something gets there safely. There may or may not be some glass in it.

How are things going with that one investigator that you were hoping for a baptism with?? I've been dying to hear his story.Well,  He isn't "gone" yet like Nikola, but he found a job and is losing interest really fast.

What happens when it gets too cold to be outside all the time? Do you start knocking on doors?No we just try to break it up day by day so that we have lessons when it is cold outside.

What info did you find out about Christmas in Bulgaria? Anything like the US?Ummm, not too much yet. They have trees it looks like, but everything is very Pravoslav here. (Orthodox)

Will you guys do anything special for "Thanksgiving"?No idea yet. We are trying to convince Maria to make us a meal... We'll see.

Did you get your 2 year visa or passporty thing taken care of?Yeah it is for my Bulgarian ID which I have now. It is for a year,and I will have to be there again next year to do the same thing. But as of now I am a resident of Bulgaria.

Did you hear about President Obama being reelected? Were you given a chance to vote? Or was that something we could have taken care of before you left? I am of course, sad and disappointed with the outcome!Yeah, I voted for Romney. :(

What are you up to today?
Sliven is coming down to go to the mall. Don't really know much else.

Are you mostly using the internet cafe or do you get to use the church at this point?Internet Cafe for writing, Church for pictures.

Are you still working on the church building? Are you able to meet there on Sundays? How many people are in your branch?Yeah we've been meeting there since the beginning. There are like 15 people.

I need to start thinking about our Christmas phone call! YAY!!! Do you have ANY idea where you will get to call? If I call you or you call me? I need to look at international options either way I think! Let me know your thoughts. Can't wait for that Christmas gift!!! No worries, we will use SKYPE!!!! :) It will be free, and I will call you. I will probably be able to on Christmas day for YOU so the 26th for me. In the evening so it is morning for you. I'm excited!

Did you try to make any of the soup recipes?No, my kitchen is very very small and the ingredients are semi expensive. I'll have to try sometime soon.

Which spices and ingedients for the soup are hard to get? Taco seasoning? I can send some packets in an envelope... anything else?You can probably just improvise a little. I made the best potato soup tonight for when dad got home from his gig. It is freezing and I was wishing that I could send you guys some!The spices are cheap, the meats and cheeses are expensive. I can geteverything. Elder Worley went to a high school in SLC where he got hisAssociates at the same time.

So! There isn't a ton to report this week. Very ordinary except for my attack. We got some news from President that if Romney had won the election that Eastern Europe would be holding protests at/in LDSbuildings. He told us to get the ---- out of there if there was any protest, to remove our nametags, and just run. But that shouldn't be happening anymore.
I may have a couple pictures to send a little later, but there really wasn't anything going on this week.
I am so excited about the new house! The foundation looks great, and I know Sean will do such a great job.
Tell LEXI CHRISTENSEN that I got her letter and that I was so happy!!!It made my day, and I'll try as hard as I can to write back.

I miss everyone so much!

Dad - Thanks for the encouraging emails. They really help. Also, I showed everybody your band intro video and everyone thinks you are just a stud. Which you are. :) In Bulgarian that is "Peach, ???" Also,I'm not sure if it just the computers here, but your intro videos that were shot on the RED camera aren't working on the website. Anywho, you are awesome, and I love and miss you. AND haha in the Ally's Carvideo, everyone thought you were her boyfriend not her dad. You look great!

Mom - I love hearing from you on a weekly basis. And the book is incredible. I love some of the quotes in it a ton. I miss you and your cooking and your hugs and just you. But hey, I'm almost at the 6 MONTH MARK. Oh. MY. GOSH!!. I love you and can't wait to see your pretty face again! :)

Ally - Congrats on the new job!! Work hard, and show them how awesome you are. And don't crash that beautiful new car. I love you.

:) Jess - I am so sorry that it's hard to go to a new school. But it will be okay. I'm praying for you and I know that you will make incredible friends at Mountain Ridge. I love you.

 Kayla - I hear you just got a new phone!! :) I'm so happy for you! You are such a big girl, but you'll always be my princess. I love you.

 I love you all, and hopefully you can write back today.
Love Elder Forshee.

Also, if you are curious what is played on Bulgarian radio over here, here are the most popular songs that I am listening to in taxis etc...Bom Bom - Sam & The WompBack; in My Life - Fly Project; Anything by Krisko ???????? ?? ????? ?? ?? ????? -
 ????? Peace!! -- ?????????? ?????

I'm so glad! :)

How did you get to vote??? That is pretty awesome! Your first election that you get to vote!!!
Maybe now I am glad that Romney lost if it meant you would be in danger!
I just emailed my selections to Highland City. I had to do this whole like "I understand that my vote isn't private anymore" thing.

SKYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Where will you skype from???I'll probably skype from an internet cafe.
How long will we have on Skype?We should have about an hour?
When I blog, I also clip it to FB on both yours and my page. It has been fun for everybody to see. One day I am going to put our temple tour pics on there and the video of the song we sang for your farewell.

Is your companion musical?He says he's not, but he beatboxes way awesome, and he has a greatvoice. He just doesn't show it always.

What did you have for breakfast today? How is the laundry thing going? Has the washer worked out well? But no dryer right? And LOTS of ironing I imagine! I do pretty good comin up with questions for 2:30 in the morning... ;)Yeah you definitely do alright. :) I usually don't have breakfast. I know I know, judge judge judge. But I'm honestly not hungry till like noon. Laundry is great. Washer is great? And Dryers aren't just not in my apartment, they don't exist in Bulgaria. Yes, LOTS of ironing.:(

Did you ever find a sweater? Are you staying warm enough?No sweater, but I do have a sweat outfit. I stay plenty warm. I may buy some gloves today.

Ah yes. Gloves. Like the ones you sent home in the box from the MTC. SCHMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! I thought that was a dumb choice...Those dont weigh anything silly!
Those gloves aren't what I'm looking for. Just very thin ones to block the wind.

We had a cool chat with some guy we met on the street about some deepquestions he had like Kolob. And that lasted for a while. We went andsaw Diado Iuan, and now institute. And probably some Bread andLiutenitsa for dinner. (Tomato paste with delicious spices)
What delicious spices? Do I have them?Homemade chutney: Authentic recipe for homemade chutney
Stambolovo village, Haskovo.
10 kg red peppers
6 kg tomatoes
4 kg aubergines
1 liter sunflower oil (maybe olive oil, sesame oil, etc., but theoriginal recipe with sunflower)
1 handful of natural unrefined sugar
Salt to taste
These quantities are for the traditional annual making chutney in a Bulgarian family.
Method of preparation:
Peel tomatoes, released seed and make juice. Then placed in a largepot and cook on a low heat, until the juice is posgasti the mixture stirring constantly with a wooden stirrer. Add roasted, peeled and grated peppers and eggplants. It is time for the salt. Gradually, 5-6 times, and pour olive oil. The mixture continued to stir constantly until desired consistency is achieved, but the best - is present in a"stirrer start making path along the bottom of the court" (reserved words of the author of the recipe). Just before removing from heat append and sugar. The finished chutney filled in small jars and sterilize for 10 to 15 minutes (time is detected after the water boils). So this is for like a TON of it, and I have no idea if it is any good. But we buy it all the time here.

Could you pass along these notes since I can't email them?
Tay!! I mean.....Elder Welker!!!!! How are you dude!? I keep getting your emails and updates, but I'm sosorry that I can't respond. How is Guatemala!!?? I tried to speakSpanish the other day, but It has all left me. I heard about theearthquake!? Was that freaky? I hope you weren't hurt! How is the workcoming along? I hope you are having success, because you are truly oneof the best missionaries in the fieldS right now. I love you so much,I miss you, and go get 'em! I'll see you in like 19 months! Nick....i mean.....Elder Forshee

Mom, I Loved the card.Thank you.:)

Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you so much for the wonderful package!! I love it so much! I'm so excited to spice up some of the Bulgarian food with some J-Dawgs sauce!! I loved the candy, and I wear the scarves every day.!! It really means a lot that you sent the package to me. Thank you so much, you brought a little Christmas to Bulgaria! Elder Forshee

Missy, Thank you so much for the email!! I'm sorry that I'm not allowed toemail back anymore. I'm doing great here, and I always know that youare rooting for me. I miss your little Haaglets so much! I'm sure theyare getting so big! Tell Ryan congratulations on the Bachelor's soon!That is awesome, and he has been working hard. I love you so much, andthank you for the support!! Elder Forshee

I have to go. I love you and sleep well!!Thanks for staying up again!

THANKS FOR THE great LETTER TODAY! BIG SMILE!!! I love you so much and am glad you are ok. NEVER again send me an email with bad news without details. Have an awesome day! Don't forget my pics! I love those so much!
I'll see you soon Son!!! Be safe.Hugs for you!

As I said, not much this week.
My money for the month
Pictures for Diado
A creepy light in my apartment
SOME CARDS that made me laugh. This is what happens when you
"translate" Bulgarian to English.... OK. PUKE.

Monday, November 5, 2012

"He is jobless, penniless, and just wants to be a better person through Christ. He's really awesome and just wants to learn and be a good person. We just found him on the street."

Hey! I'm on super early today!! Get me some questions to answer, and I will start on the day's events.

Super boring as of right now. There is not really a ton going on... :) But! Some recent news, we are desperately trying to have a baptism this Saturday. His name is Dancho, and he is so cool. He is jobless, penniless, and just wants to be a better person through Christ. We are trying really hard to get him finished with the lessons this week, and then for an interview, and then a baptism. Pray super super super hard. Also, I. HAVE. A. JACKET. :) So stop pooping yourself. And the best part, it was FREEEEEEEE!!!! It is an awesome wool jacket used by one of the Elders that just went home. It was sitting in my district leader's apartment, and they were like "Forshee, you needed a jacket right? 'Yeah', Just take this one!" It's super warm and feels great and is "European" so I guess it's awesome. It has already helped out aton in the rain. It got pretty cold this week. So today, I am going to Sliven again, (the place with the big mountain), to go ride up the mountain again! It should be pretty funand I'm excited. I only have another like 20 minutes before I have toget to the bus, but I should be able to reply and send a couple pictures tonight after my lessons as well. I love you all, the work is going good, and the church is true. Love -- Старейшина Форши

Hi baby! Sorry! I usually have these ready for you! It is SOOOO early!!! YAY!!! Did you get the pics??? Be writing about your week and your day! I'll get the questions right off!!! Ally and Dad are right here!!!Got the pics, don't worry. But I don't have a ton of time, read the email.Pics are coming right now.

Why are you on so early today?-
I'm heading off to Sliven to go up the mountain again really soon.

Does Bulgaria have daylight savings tiome? I noticed that you are still 9 hours ahead.- Yes, but NO ONE TOLD ME. :( So that precious hour of extra sleepthat a missionary can get was WASTED!!!!! :(
How was Halloween? Do they dress up and trick or treat?-
Not really. Some teenage punks dressed up, but mostly people just kind of party in their houses. And get WASTED!! :(
Do you have an umbrella?-

Yeah, the apartment has one for the missionaries. It works fine.
How is the Elder Worley doing?-

Elder Worley is doing great!!! :) He's way awesome, and I love serving with him.

When is zone conference? I hope hope that your packages get there safely by then!!!-
Like the 14th??ish? I should be able to get packages by the 8th or9th. I have to go to Sofia again for passport work.

Dad and Ally say hi and they love you. We broke ground and have poured footings. Weather has been great but is changing this week. Hoping to get foundation poured before it does. We went to the new ward today for the first time. Really nice people. Small ward. Old people. It is actually the "original" highland ward. The families have been there for 45 years. I felt very young... Ally is only one of only 3 Laurels which kind of sucks, but the other girls have a few more girls in their age group. Jesse actually already has a friend there. Missy and Grandma Cindy have been wondering what you have received from them as far as letters/ dear elders. I didn't know what to tell them. How many have you gotten from them over the last month and a half?That's hard for Ally. I'm sorry. And as far as dearelders goes, thelast one I got was from you that one time. I haven't had anything in along time.

Tell me more about Dancho. Where did you meet him? Does he have a family? He doesn't have any family or friends. He kind of Stars. He's really awesome and just wants to learn and be a goodperson. We just found him on the street.

That is awesome. I am not surprised at all that you see the good in ALL people!!!
How is the progress coming on the curch? Are you still wroking there a ton?

1. What is a "curch", and why would I need to work on it?
2. I'm a smart alac, and it's going just fine :)

Stinker! It is a church that you are working on right?? Or at least where you meet?
So nothing ever from Missy??? Something is wrong with Maya's foot. I am taking her to the Doctor tomorrow. She cries at random times and limps. It is so sad!!! She misses you too!!! Anything special this week (other than a possible baptism?)

No, not really. Nothing special at all.

Have you had any snow yet?No snow yet. But lots of rain and colder weather.

Ohhhh... I LIKEY you being here sooooooo early!!!! What a great surprise!!!Is Elder Maddix in your zone right now? Will you get to see him at the conference?I really have no idea where Elder Maddix ended up. I only got to see him for a short time when he first arrived. I may or may not there are 3 zones. Also, kiss maya for me. That makes me really sad.

She'll be ok. I think it is like a little cut or ingrown toenail or something! Just is still hurting her so I'll take her in.
No more incidents with the punks??? Please tell me if something happens. I can handle it!
We got a Book of Mormon stolen from us by some punks like 3 days ago, but I decided it would be better for them to have it anyway. :)

Same punks that hit you? Just one BofM? Were you holding it at the time? :( I don't think they are very smart people. Have you seen how tall you are?

Hey, I have to go to Sliven now, but I love you all! Look for my pictures this evening after Sliven!!! :)

Sorry not a ton. But I will have more tonight after Sliven.
Elder Worley and Diado

Me being stupid facebook picture. :)
My new coat

More photos from today's hike in Slevin!! Nothin made me smile bigger than seeing he is wearing the Batman shirt...

Monday, October 29, 2012

D&C 100: 4-5 "Therefore, I, the Lord, have suffered you to come unto this place; for thus it was expedient in me for the salvation of souls. Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men;"

Well, here is your weekly update on life for your favorite missionary in Stara Zagora!! Let's start with some questions...  We are DYING to hear all about Elder Worley. Tell us everything. Where is he from? How long has he been out? What areas has he been in? Are you getting along great?
- Elder Worley is such a stud. He is from West Jordan, and he's been out a little over a year. He has served in Ruce, Burgas, and Sofia for a long time. He is way into photography!!! We have long chats about that and how much I miss it. He loves cars, and computers. We are very very similar. We get along just great!! I'm excited to work with him!  
Who is the new sister serving in Stara Zagora?
Her name is Sister Shumway. I haven't got to know her quite as well.  
Who are the darling children in your last pics? We can't figure that out.
They are Vili, Petko, and Anes. Vili's brothers and her.  
Are you still writing in your journal every day?
Yes yes, don't worry, I will have a novel at the end.  
How much time do you have to read scriptures these days? What are you studying right now?
Every morning we study personally for an hour. President has issued a challenge to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. That is what I'm concentrating on.  
How is the work going on the branch building going? Where is it? How many people meet in it each week?
Gross. The building's roof collapsed because there was a problem with the air conditioning unit. We got that fixed and cleaned up, but there is SO. MUCH. CRAP. to sort through. But it's a work in progress. Usually have about 20 people ish including the missionaries.  
How is the space on your sd cards going? Need more? Are they safe?
I move everything off my SD cards onto my flash drive every week. Lots and lots of room.  
Coat???????????????????????? Any snow yet?
I purchased a sweatshirt/sweats combo that looks really really cool. It cost about $50 for the pair. No snow yet, and I'm starting to browse around for coats. The sweatshirt worried me at first, because the zipper is on the woman's side in america. But I searched the sweatshirt many times and found the word ?????? which means Men. So relief was found there. :)
Plans today? What you been doing for fun?
Probably going to the mall, might look for a coat. Eating some KFC, then watching a movie at the church.  
How is the clothes situation going? Anything wearing out (besides the stuff I know about?)? Enough shirts? Ties? Socks?
 Hahaha socks are starting to get hurt. But nothing bad. Everything else is just fine.
How much have you been walking every day? We have seen a couple of bus pics. Are you riding those a bunch?
No, we walk everywhere. The buses are only just if we need to go to a different city. Which we do a lot.  
We haven't heard a spiritual thought from you in a while. What are you feeling being so immersed in the gospel? What is it that you share with others about your testimony?
It is really hard to be constantly immersed. I love it, but being around the gospel so much makes you want others to know about it too, and the people here do not want to hear it. Most of what I talk to people about  is the Book of Mormon. You can try to criticize anything that the church has done, is doing, will do, doctrine differences, prophets, blah blah blah, but you have to do it faced with the Book of Mormon. I love Jeffrey R. Holland's talk about the Book of Mormon, and that helps to strengthen my testimony. I love the Book of Mormon with all my heart, and I know it's true.
Favorite scripture lately?
Well, about baptism.... 3 Ne 3:7-8   7 Or in other words, yield yourselves up unto us, and unite with us and become acquainted with our a secret works, and become our brethren that ye may be like unto us—not our slaves, but our brethren and partners of all our substance. 8 And behold, I swear unto you, if ye will do this, with an oath, ye shall not be destroyed; but if ye will not do this, I swear unto you with an oath, that on the morrow month I will command that my armies shall come down against you, and they shall not stay their hand and shall spare not, but shall slay you, and shall let fall the sword upon you even until ye shall become extinct.   Hehe.... And on a more serious note, D&C 100:2-5   2 Therefore, follow me, and listen to the counsel which I shall give unto you. 3 Behold, and lo, I have much people in this place, in the regions round about; and an effectual door shall be opened in the regions round about in this eastern land. 4 Therefore, I, the Lord, have suffered you to come unto this place; for thus it was expedient in me for the salvation of souls. 5 Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put  into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men;  
Favorite hymn in Bulgarian????? ?????? ???
-Така Удивен Съм ~ I Stand All Amazed.  
A little something in Bulgarian to translate??? Do NOT skip over this this week! ;)
You have NO IDEA how hard it is to type on a Bulgarian keyboard, but I love you. Soo.......
Аз обичам евангелието на Исус Христос със цял моето сърце. Обичам да уча хората тук в България да живеят по-чисти, и да имат надежда и мир в техните животи. Обичам Господа много, и аз знам че той ми обича също.
Translation:I love the gospel of Jesus Christ with all my heart. I love teaching people here in Bulgaria to live clean, and have hope and peace in their lives. I love the Lord very much, and I know that he loves me also.  
Did you read my request about an ornament from Bulgaria? Have you learned anything about the way Christmas is celebrated? Do they have a special ornament I can have you ship to me to hang this year? 
- I did get the request, but I don't have any idea if Christmas is celebrated the same way here. I'll start asking some people and I'll get back to you. I think that is a great idea.   SOO, Life is good here in Eastern Europe. It has been really rainy especially today. I got woken up to the MOST INTENSE lightning and rain storm I have ever seen in my life today at like 5am. The windows in my apartment are slanted and the rain beats upon it so loud. The lightning and thunder were so loud, and about 1 second apart. I thought my building would collapse.   Elder Worley is doing great, and I already love being with him! I'll send a picture later today. I can't send pictures right now, but I have them with me, and I will make sure to send a couple of things.   How is everyone!! Congrats on the house, that is awesome, and that sucks about your virus. And the gluten-intolerance?? I had BETTER NOT inherit that from you.. :)   How are the girls doing? I miss them a ton! Ally: Congrats on the job at Banana! You will be incredible! Jess: A Cupkake? Fo' Reals? :) Haha you will be delicious. Kakes: A nerd? Wow! You didn't have to work really hard for that one! ;) Haha just kidding. Dad: Stop working so hard! First weekend off in 16 weeks!? That's crazy! Thanks for your email. It's nice to be reminded from the states sometimes. Mom: I'm sorry about the gluten free crap. I hope you can incorporate that into your wonderful cooking that I miss so much.   I love you all so much! If you're still on, email me back! If not, I'll get some pictures this evening.   -- ?????????? ?????  We are all fine. Busy busy. You probably WILL inherit that gluten thing from me. Missy has it too. Something to think about! What is your mall like? Is it anything like ours?It's smaller, but it has a McDonald's and a KFC so we like to taste some american food every once in a while. Quite a bit smaller than in America.
Did you get the pics then? Are they hard to download from there?  I WISH I could send short little videos. We have some doozies!Oh yeah, I can see some videos. We have a computer in the church now, so I can get those. :) The pics were great, it sounds like you had a great time! And the language is coming better and better. Now that I'm not a greenie, I am being forced to speak a lot more, so it gets better. You didn't get a video of me this week did you? I met the parents of a missionary that was going home, named elder larson, and he lives in orem. His parents came to pick him up and they took a video of me playing the piano and said that they would send it. Also, I got to see Matt Maddix when I went to sofia for passport work. Very funny.Does the McDonalds and KFC taste the same? Please don't forget to get back on and send pics later today! I will wait to post the blog til they come. Why can't you now? What's happening? How far away do you live from the other missionaries there?Haha it's just fine. And McDonald's and KFC taste almost the same. A little more "European." I won't forget. I just am at the internet zala and it is ridiculously hard to send pictures from here. I will wait till the church. I have like 2 lessons set for tonight so I wll be able to get on. No video from there! Would LOVE IT!!!! Who is this that came? I can find them through email. I will let them get home first!   Happy to hear about Matt Maddix. His mom will be happy. How was he? Did you remember him right away? Did he look good and happy? (So I can report to his mom)
Haha he looked great, but was very very tired just like I was. But the parents I have no idea. Just last name larson. Or larsen. In bulgarian it is the same.   I will send a couple of little tiny videos for you. I'll be sparingly careful in what I send so as not to take up too much downloading time. They will hopefully make you smile to hear familiar voices and see faces that love you. Did you get my last email last week about telling Elder Barber that I love him and thank you?
Yeah I did. He is in Shumen now with another Greenie. I think its hard because it's a new city. But he's doing ok. Have you heard about having to leave the country for your visa yet? Do you know where you would go or for how long?
I shouldn't have to at all. . .I get my Permanent Resident card in like a week and then I just have to renew that in a year.
Holy cow? Shumen is another new city? That's amazing! Do you know how many missionaries are in Bulgaria right now? Has it grown?
Ummm it is growing a lot. There are 4 new cities open this transfer. Like 5 missionaries went home this transfer, and we got 7.Oh wow. That is different about the permanent resident card than I had heard. I thought you would have to leave. How are the Wilsteads liking Bulgaria?  Any more trouble with the locals? Anyone interested? Or even kind?Haha yeah. The Wilsteads love it! Sister Wilstead is compiling a cookbook and I'm debating which one I want to send in. Also, Elder Worley let it slip that he likes soup. I don't know how to make soup.Could you e-mail me a nice receipe for soup? No more local trouble yet, and lots of people are very kind. Just lots not interested. How does it work going home? Not that we are thinking of that of course. Just wondering. Is it done all together or on an individual basis as per your start date? How did picking up their son work??? How long were they staying? Were they traveling anywhere else? Your entire MTC group goes home at the same time. This transfer is a little shorter, because they realized that the people that would be here would be missing three Christmas's so they are cutting it off a week early. They came and toured all of Bulgaria for like 5 days.  I'll send you the potato soup and a chicken noodle. That one is just in my head so I'll do the best I can. And taco soup? What DO you cook and eat over there? Anything you can't get? How is the fruit?OH MY GOSH. The fruit is so good. And they juice everything. This morning I had a tall glass of Pineapple juice. Way awesome. I cook a lot of pasta..and...yeah. I don't cook a ton. I eat a lot of bread and tomato paste.Wow! Just the parents came? I'm still hoping that we will get the chance to do that when the time comes. Would you like that?It's up to you. I'll have to find out more about it when it getsm closer, because it is technically discouraged, but I don't know. I'll ask president.  I know it is "discouraged", but people do it all the time. My grand plan would be to come there and spend a few days touring and then my dream would be to go to Spain on our way home and visit our family.That would be very fun. And yeah so what up with the gluten. Is that basically wheat? Or what do I avoid? Yeah I gave it to them.   Sadly gluten is in everything with wheat or flour, and some ither things. You don't have to go gluten free. BUt be watchful that you are getting  plenty of "raw" and natural foods like fruits, vegetables and proteins and LIMITING the amount of wheat you are having. It can cause a whole slough of problems. The virus has been super fun! I am starting to feel better but still sooo tired. The doctor prescribed a trip to Maui to recover. Somehow dad didn't quite go for that? I'm so sorry that sucks so bad. Yeah I'll start to be more careful...after my mission. We eat bread here. And lot's of it.   I take it that they don't celebrate Halloween there? And most likely not Thanksgiving? yes halloween no thanksgiving.  Shut up! Halloween???? Do they dress up like here? Is it the same date???Yeah I think the young people dress up. And yeah same date. I will be a Mormon for Halloween. :) Love you!!!
I AM PRAYING that they packages I sent the other day make it. I will have some specific instructions about the Christmas box I sent! hehehehehehehe!~Okayyyyyyyy??? Thanks for doing that! Gotta go. Love you so much! I'll send those pics later today!   I love you MORE! Thanks for all the info! That was so nice!


Hey so here is Elder Worley, Him and I, Elder Barber and I on our trip
to drop him off, and the mission home. Love you!
Sorry, not a ton of pictures this week. :(
Старейшина Форши