Monday, November 19, 2012

"The work is hard here in Bulgaria, but we have some ideas on things to do to make it progress faster. We are starting up an English Discussion Group for those who speak english-ish, and we will "help them improve their english" whilst teaching the gospel. We are hoping for a ton of success."

Hey Ya'lls, wassup. :)

So Let me first start out by answering your "prompts" rather than questions.

About your week.
SO SLOW. We make goals at the beginning of each week on how many of everything we will try to get. We had a goal for 8 lessons. We got 1.NO one has been listening, wanting to listen, or even give us the timeof day. I got 2 people's numbers this week as opposed to the like 14 or 15 every other week. Our progressing investigators aren't wanting to really do anything, and Dancho can't meet at all. The work is snail-like, but I know that it is the right work to be engaged in. I've downloaded and have been listening to conference on my ipod. I have a total of like 36 hours. It really helps in slow trying times.

About your plans for Thanksgiving.We are having a district thanksgiving this thursday. There is no such thing as "turkey" here in Starz, so we are ordering precooked chicken. I made an apple pie from scratch to see if I could, and it turned out DELICIOUS, so I am in charge of an apple pie, and the banana cream pie. About that, the banana cream recipe I want is the one from your White Binder that has the picture in the top left and the ingredients down the right side of the page. Also, there is no cornstarch here. I want to say I can substitute double flour, but back me up on that. It will be a small thanksgiving, but I love my district so it will be fun.

Any investigators? No. lol.

One of the lessons in church that you have taught or learned something from recently. Haha well, it is very hard for me to learn, because everything is in Bulgarian. But we had a discussion about the Atonement the other day,and how it is the single most important act in the history of . . .ever. It is wonderful to me to see that I have a Savior who was so willing to give up everything that I can have life and happiness.

Any more trouble? (I did want to know where they punched you this time. And are there any police roaming around?)Haha not yet. I saw some on the street but I got away quickly. I got punched in the chest again, and kicked in the groin. And the police hate us even more than the punks. I swear they encourage this sort of garbage. :)  And the police refuse to help us in times of trouble or so I've been told. We are literally despised here.

Anywhoo,We went down to Plovdiv for Zone Training Meeting, where I got a letter from Grandma Justus. Tell her thank you so much and that it was great to hear from her. I got to see the Wilsteads again, and they are doing well. The work is hard here in Bulgaria, but we have some ideas on things to do to make it progress faster. We are starting up an English Discussion Group for those who speak english-ish, and we will "help them improve their english" whilst teaching the gospel. We are hoping for a ton of success. Elder Worley is doing great. He is an incredible person, and I love serving with him. I'm at the zala right now, so there will not be pictures till tonight, but I've got some good ones to get to you. :) ALSO. I have a "larger file" that might "play music" and just maybewill "show moving pictures" that I would like to send. I need a way toget this to you. I think it is around 150 mb.

Anywho, I love you all, and sorry there wasn't a ton this week. I feel that way too.
Write back!!-- Старейшина Форши

Also: I want a picture of the wrecked car!!

You wont see ANY damage in a picture. Ally didn't even think there WAS any damage!!! I sawll it quickly but it only LOOKS like a you cut the paint on a small part of the hood with a razor blade. Crazy that it is going to be that much!! There was a ton of deer hair on the hood. They were sooooo freaked out!
They?? Was someone else in the car?
Just Ally and Kayla. Poor babies!Aww thats hard. And thanks for the article.

Well, I know that there are a few things on there way for Christmas...  Here is a secret though... Wilstead had us mark the package a certain way if we wanted it reserved for Christmas. Grama Cindy didn't mark hers (which is why you already got it), but Janet, and me and I think Grandm/pa Forshee did...etc...
That's way cool about the Christmas stuffs.... :) And the police refuse tohelp us in times of trouble or so I've been told. We are literally despised here.
Crazy about Sister Wakefiled meeting Elder Ankney in Turkey huh?!? And yeah Jake's awesome. We hung out a bunch in the MTC. I have sent you some pictures with him in them.
When will I get those pics? They sound fun!You'll probably get them within about 6 hours. I am going to the mallwith Elder Worley to get him some memory cards, then lunch, then watching Monster's Inc at the church. So soon.
Woohoo! That's what I like to hear! Did you find gloves? Is it cold? Snowing?No, it's not snowing yet. Apparently we may not get snow until likeJanuary. But it's definitely cold. My coat is nice though. I'm tryingto find some cheaper gloves than like 35 lev.
HOw much is 35 lev? I will send more money if you need!!! I want you to have gloves! I wish I had sent some in a package!35 lev is like 23ish dollars. I know I can find some cheapersomewhere. And don't worry, I have my ATM card on me.
You know my necklace that says elder Nick Forshee and Sofia Bulgaria... I get asked about that every single day of my life! Strangers come and touch it on my neck. How funny! I haven't taken it off once!Haha that's weird.... and awesome.... how do you ENJOY people touching your neck?
You KNOW I hate people touching my neck!!! :)

Where are you getting the cooked chicken from? What is everyone else bringing. Is it like a full Thanksgiving dinner? I haven't seen or heard anything about the sisters for awhile...Sisters are doing fine, and are doing potatoes and vegetables. Elders Olmstead and Lamb are doing the chicken???? and the breads Elder Worley is on Juice. :) I'm pies. The Haskovo Elders (which are in our district) are also bringing a pumpkin pie, and gravy.Also, they don't sell pumpkin here, which is why I'm not doing a pumpkin pie. Would you be brave enough to actually make pumpkin forthe pie??
No. I wouldn't!!!  ;) But I will google it for you!Interesting. Seems "easy" enough, but not with my kitchen supplies!! :)
It seems like it would take FORVER!! I am surprised you are not doing the chocolate one. Grama mentioned how sad she was that you aren't making that for us on Thursday!
Haha yeah I'm sad to be missing it. Also, I do have to go. I'm gettinga haircut now so I stop looking like a man-sheep. Haha. :) I love you so much, and go to sleep. :D

DO NOT get it cut as short as last time. That was awful!!! hahaha. Sorry!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING> Please tell everyone I said hello and Happy Thanksgiving. I will probably email you that day just cuz I'll be missing you. You can read it next Monday, just didn't want you to be surprised. I will look forward to the pics today!! Love you baby

Love you, and I'M GOING SHORTER THEN!!! Haha, peace.

A cool train
Cutest cats
Me and PIE
Worley and PIE
Worley after PIE
Cool chess set that I bought..

If I get 0000 I will be incredibly lucky.

Love you all, and I just got 4444 today, that's why I'm showing them to you.
More for next week!!

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