Monday, November 19, 2012

"We got some news from President that if Romney had won the election that Eastern Europe would be holding protests at/in LDSbuildings. He told us to get the ---- out of there if there was any protest, to remove our nametags, and just run. But that shouldn't be happening anymore."

Sooo, Nick has been working hard to share his love of the gospel with the people of Bulgaria. He has said that despite the obstacles and major differences in the culture and the anti-American attitudes of many of the people, he loves it there and knows he is doing what he is supposed to at this time in his life. I have debated long and hard whether to share this part of his journey, as he is faced with unexpected and at times scary opposition. After Nick's last email last night, I have decided to include this part of his communication, with his permission, not to upset anyone, but to paint a realistic and true picture of his life. Cuellars don't sugar coat things well anyways,and if you are following his mission, it is because you love Nick, and I know you will not only want to celebrate his successes with him, but pray for him during times of difficulty. Nick is fine.  He had another "incident" with some of the local guys who seem to enjoy harrasing the elders (leaving the sisters alone so far thankfully). This is the second time he has been physically attacked. He wasn't seriously hurt, but I had many questions for him that I had to wait to get the answers to. So, here's what I know...

Good Morning!!Starting with some questions...

How many people are there involved?- There are total about 12 guys in the city that like to make our lives horrible. But only 2 that seem to hit.
How do these things start?- This time we just ended up on the same street corner at the sametime. And they just take that as opportunity.
Did you sustain any injury?- Nope. Just a quick but hard punch to the chest and kick to the groin. Ouch.
Did you defend yourself?- No.
Was any other missionary involved/hurt this time?- No.
What does Pres. W tell you to do in the situation?- He says that if there is immediate danger to yourself or your companion then kick their @$$. But other than that, just leave and get out of the situation as fast as possible. They usually don't follow us.  ---
Was that the first kick to the groin for you?? Sounds delightful! Were all 12 of them there at the same time?
Yeah first groin one, but not too bad. Only 3 guys.
I'm sorry Mom. Don't mean to worry you, just a little bit of opposition that's all. There's not much we can really do about it. It doesn't happen that often, and DO NOT contact President Wilstead about it. He is well aware of these incidents, and I have already filed reports on them. He would NEVER allow his missionaries to be in an unsafe enviornment, and he takes every precaution necessary to ensure our safety. He gets worried emails about incidents all the time, and that is not the way to fix these problems. It wastes his time. Don't worry, I've got it covered. I'm completely fine, and it just means the work is progressing. I love you both, and thank you for the encouragement, but please let me handle it.

So, on to happier news from Bulgaria...
Did you get any package from me????- I got the one with the awesome book! I like it a lot, thank you so much!!

How is the weather for you? (I really like your coat! It looks great and warm!)- It is getting a lot colder. But the coat keeps me very nice and warm. YAY FOR FREE!!

What can you tell us about your companion? It looks like you guys are doing great. What is his family like? Are you finding you have a lot in common with him?-
Well, we are basically the same person. He is way into photography and we stay up talking about camera stuff and video stuff. He is more the video side of things. They live in West Jordan. He is so cool!!

Did you get the money that you need? (Thank you fort MAYBE getting a present shipped off!!! I love it already!)-
Yep, and sorry for the rush. I used all of my MSF to cover....i mean....maybe to cover.....something...... ;) I REALLY REALLY hope that something gets there safely. There may or may not be some glass in it.

How are things going with that one investigator that you were hoping for a baptism with?? I've been dying to hear his story.Well,  He isn't "gone" yet like Nikola, but he found a job and is losing interest really fast.

What happens when it gets too cold to be outside all the time? Do you start knocking on doors?No we just try to break it up day by day so that we have lessons when it is cold outside.

What info did you find out about Christmas in Bulgaria? Anything like the US?Ummm, not too much yet. They have trees it looks like, but everything is very Pravoslav here. (Orthodox)

Will you guys do anything special for "Thanksgiving"?No idea yet. We are trying to convince Maria to make us a meal... We'll see.

Did you get your 2 year visa or passporty thing taken care of?Yeah it is for my Bulgarian ID which I have now. It is for a year,and I will have to be there again next year to do the same thing. But as of now I am a resident of Bulgaria.

Did you hear about President Obama being reelected? Were you given a chance to vote? Or was that something we could have taken care of before you left? I am of course, sad and disappointed with the outcome!Yeah, I voted for Romney. :(

What are you up to today?
Sliven is coming down to go to the mall. Don't really know much else.

Are you mostly using the internet cafe or do you get to use the church at this point?Internet Cafe for writing, Church for pictures.

Are you still working on the church building? Are you able to meet there on Sundays? How many people are in your branch?Yeah we've been meeting there since the beginning. There are like 15 people.

I need to start thinking about our Christmas phone call! YAY!!! Do you have ANY idea where you will get to call? If I call you or you call me? I need to look at international options either way I think! Let me know your thoughts. Can't wait for that Christmas gift!!! No worries, we will use SKYPE!!!! :) It will be free, and I will call you. I will probably be able to on Christmas day for YOU so the 26th for me. In the evening so it is morning for you. I'm excited!

Did you try to make any of the soup recipes?No, my kitchen is very very small and the ingredients are semi expensive. I'll have to try sometime soon.

Which spices and ingedients for the soup are hard to get? Taco seasoning? I can send some packets in an envelope... anything else?You can probably just improvise a little. I made the best potato soup tonight for when dad got home from his gig. It is freezing and I was wishing that I could send you guys some!The spices are cheap, the meats and cheeses are expensive. I can geteverything. Elder Worley went to a high school in SLC where he got hisAssociates at the same time.

So! There isn't a ton to report this week. Very ordinary except for my attack. We got some news from President that if Romney had won the election that Eastern Europe would be holding protests at/in LDSbuildings. He told us to get the ---- out of there if there was any protest, to remove our nametags, and just run. But that shouldn't be happening anymore.
I may have a couple pictures to send a little later, but there really wasn't anything going on this week.
I am so excited about the new house! The foundation looks great, and I know Sean will do such a great job.
Tell LEXI CHRISTENSEN that I got her letter and that I was so happy!!!It made my day, and I'll try as hard as I can to write back.

I miss everyone so much!

Dad - Thanks for the encouraging emails. They really help. Also, I showed everybody your band intro video and everyone thinks you are just a stud. Which you are. :) In Bulgarian that is "Peach, ???" Also,I'm not sure if it just the computers here, but your intro videos that were shot on the RED camera aren't working on the website. Anywho, you are awesome, and I love and miss you. AND haha in the Ally's Carvideo, everyone thought you were her boyfriend not her dad. You look great!

Mom - I love hearing from you on a weekly basis. And the book is incredible. I love some of the quotes in it a ton. I miss you and your cooking and your hugs and just you. But hey, I'm almost at the 6 MONTH MARK. Oh. MY. GOSH!!. I love you and can't wait to see your pretty face again! :)

Ally - Congrats on the new job!! Work hard, and show them how awesome you are. And don't crash that beautiful new car. I love you.

:) Jess - I am so sorry that it's hard to go to a new school. But it will be okay. I'm praying for you and I know that you will make incredible friends at Mountain Ridge. I love you.

 Kayla - I hear you just got a new phone!! :) I'm so happy for you! You are such a big girl, but you'll always be my princess. I love you.

 I love you all, and hopefully you can write back today.
Love Elder Forshee.

Also, if you are curious what is played on Bulgarian radio over here, here are the most popular songs that I am listening to in taxis etc...Bom Bom - Sam & The WompBack; in My Life - Fly Project; Anything by Krisko ???????? ?? ????? ?? ?? ????? -
 ????? Peace!! -- ?????????? ?????

I'm so glad! :)

How did you get to vote??? That is pretty awesome! Your first election that you get to vote!!!
Maybe now I am glad that Romney lost if it meant you would be in danger!
I just emailed my selections to Highland City. I had to do this whole like "I understand that my vote isn't private anymore" thing.

SKYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Where will you skype from???I'll probably skype from an internet cafe.
How long will we have on Skype?We should have about an hour?
When I blog, I also clip it to FB on both yours and my page. It has been fun for everybody to see. One day I am going to put our temple tour pics on there and the video of the song we sang for your farewell.

Is your companion musical?He says he's not, but he beatboxes way awesome, and he has a greatvoice. He just doesn't show it always.

What did you have for breakfast today? How is the laundry thing going? Has the washer worked out well? But no dryer right? And LOTS of ironing I imagine! I do pretty good comin up with questions for 2:30 in the morning... ;)Yeah you definitely do alright. :) I usually don't have breakfast. I know I know, judge judge judge. But I'm honestly not hungry till like noon. Laundry is great. Washer is great? And Dryers aren't just not in my apartment, they don't exist in Bulgaria. Yes, LOTS of ironing.:(

Did you ever find a sweater? Are you staying warm enough?No sweater, but I do have a sweat outfit. I stay plenty warm. I may buy some gloves today.

Ah yes. Gloves. Like the ones you sent home in the box from the MTC. SCHMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! I thought that was a dumb choice...Those dont weigh anything silly!
Those gloves aren't what I'm looking for. Just very thin ones to block the wind.

We had a cool chat with some guy we met on the street about some deepquestions he had like Kolob. And that lasted for a while. We went andsaw Diado Iuan, and now institute. And probably some Bread andLiutenitsa for dinner. (Tomato paste with delicious spices)
What delicious spices? Do I have them?Homemade chutney: Authentic recipe for homemade chutney
Stambolovo village, Haskovo.
10 kg red peppers
6 kg tomatoes
4 kg aubergines
1 liter sunflower oil (maybe olive oil, sesame oil, etc., but theoriginal recipe with sunflower)
1 handful of natural unrefined sugar
Salt to taste
These quantities are for the traditional annual making chutney in a Bulgarian family.
Method of preparation:
Peel tomatoes, released seed and make juice. Then placed in a largepot and cook on a low heat, until the juice is posgasti the mixture stirring constantly with a wooden stirrer. Add roasted, peeled and grated peppers and eggplants. It is time for the salt. Gradually, 5-6 times, and pour olive oil. The mixture continued to stir constantly until desired consistency is achieved, but the best - is present in a"stirrer start making path along the bottom of the court" (reserved words of the author of the recipe). Just before removing from heat append and sugar. The finished chutney filled in small jars and sterilize for 10 to 15 minutes (time is detected after the water boils). So this is for like a TON of it, and I have no idea if it is any good. But we buy it all the time here.

Could you pass along these notes since I can't email them?
Tay!! I mean.....Elder Welker!!!!! How are you dude!? I keep getting your emails and updates, but I'm sosorry that I can't respond. How is Guatemala!!?? I tried to speakSpanish the other day, but It has all left me. I heard about theearthquake!? Was that freaky? I hope you weren't hurt! How is the workcoming along? I hope you are having success, because you are truly oneof the best missionaries in the fieldS right now. I love you so much,I miss you, and go get 'em! I'll see you in like 19 months! Nick....i mean.....Elder Forshee

Mom, I Loved the card.Thank you.:)

Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you so much for the wonderful package!! I love it so much! I'm so excited to spice up some of the Bulgarian food with some J-Dawgs sauce!! I loved the candy, and I wear the scarves every day.!! It really means a lot that you sent the package to me. Thank you so much, you brought a little Christmas to Bulgaria! Elder Forshee

Missy, Thank you so much for the email!! I'm sorry that I'm not allowed toemail back anymore. I'm doing great here, and I always know that youare rooting for me. I miss your little Haaglets so much! I'm sure theyare getting so big! Tell Ryan congratulations on the Bachelor's soon!That is awesome, and he has been working hard. I love you so much, andthank you for the support!! Elder Forshee

I have to go. I love you and sleep well!!Thanks for staying up again!

THANKS FOR THE great LETTER TODAY! BIG SMILE!!! I love you so much and am glad you are ok. NEVER again send me an email with bad news without details. Have an awesome day! Don't forget my pics! I love those so much!
I'll see you soon Son!!! Be safe.Hugs for you!

As I said, not much this week.
My money for the month
Pictures for Diado
A creepy light in my apartment
SOME CARDS that made me laugh. This is what happens when you
"translate" Bulgarian to English.... OK. PUKE.

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