Monday, November 5, 2012

"He is jobless, penniless, and just wants to be a better person through Christ. He's really awesome and just wants to learn and be a good person. We just found him on the street."

Hey! I'm on super early today!! Get me some questions to answer, and I will start on the day's events.

Super boring as of right now. There is not really a ton going on... :) But! Some recent news, we are desperately trying to have a baptism this Saturday. His name is Dancho, and he is so cool. He is jobless, penniless, and just wants to be a better person through Christ. We are trying really hard to get him finished with the lessons this week, and then for an interview, and then a baptism. Pray super super super hard. Also, I. HAVE. A. JACKET. :) So stop pooping yourself. And the best part, it was FREEEEEEEE!!!! It is an awesome wool jacket used by one of the Elders that just went home. It was sitting in my district leader's apartment, and they were like "Forshee, you needed a jacket right? 'Yeah', Just take this one!" It's super warm and feels great and is "European" so I guess it's awesome. It has already helped out aton in the rain. It got pretty cold this week. So today, I am going to Sliven again, (the place with the big mountain), to go ride up the mountain again! It should be pretty funand I'm excited. I only have another like 20 minutes before I have toget to the bus, but I should be able to reply and send a couple pictures tonight after my lessons as well. I love you all, the work is going good, and the church is true. Love -- Старейшина Форши

Hi baby! Sorry! I usually have these ready for you! It is SOOOO early!!! YAY!!! Did you get the pics??? Be writing about your week and your day! I'll get the questions right off!!! Ally and Dad are right here!!!Got the pics, don't worry. But I don't have a ton of time, read the email.Pics are coming right now.

Why are you on so early today?-
I'm heading off to Sliven to go up the mountain again really soon.

Does Bulgaria have daylight savings tiome? I noticed that you are still 9 hours ahead.- Yes, but NO ONE TOLD ME. :( So that precious hour of extra sleepthat a missionary can get was WASTED!!!!! :(
How was Halloween? Do they dress up and trick or treat?-
Not really. Some teenage punks dressed up, but mostly people just kind of party in their houses. And get WASTED!! :(
Do you have an umbrella?-

Yeah, the apartment has one for the missionaries. It works fine.
How is the Elder Worley doing?-

Elder Worley is doing great!!! :) He's way awesome, and I love serving with him.

When is zone conference? I hope hope that your packages get there safely by then!!!-
Like the 14th??ish? I should be able to get packages by the 8th or9th. I have to go to Sofia again for passport work.

Dad and Ally say hi and they love you. We broke ground and have poured footings. Weather has been great but is changing this week. Hoping to get foundation poured before it does. We went to the new ward today for the first time. Really nice people. Small ward. Old people. It is actually the "original" highland ward. The families have been there for 45 years. I felt very young... Ally is only one of only 3 Laurels which kind of sucks, but the other girls have a few more girls in their age group. Jesse actually already has a friend there. Missy and Grandma Cindy have been wondering what you have received from them as far as letters/ dear elders. I didn't know what to tell them. How many have you gotten from them over the last month and a half?That's hard for Ally. I'm sorry. And as far as dearelders goes, thelast one I got was from you that one time. I haven't had anything in along time.

Tell me more about Dancho. Where did you meet him? Does he have a family? He doesn't have any family or friends. He kind of Stars. He's really awesome and just wants to learn and be a goodperson. We just found him on the street.

That is awesome. I am not surprised at all that you see the good in ALL people!!!
How is the progress coming on the curch? Are you still wroking there a ton?

1. What is a "curch", and why would I need to work on it?
2. I'm a smart alac, and it's going just fine :)

Stinker! It is a church that you are working on right?? Or at least where you meet?
So nothing ever from Missy??? Something is wrong with Maya's foot. I am taking her to the Doctor tomorrow. She cries at random times and limps. It is so sad!!! She misses you too!!! Anything special this week (other than a possible baptism?)

No, not really. Nothing special at all.

Have you had any snow yet?No snow yet. But lots of rain and colder weather.

Ohhhh... I LIKEY you being here sooooooo early!!!! What a great surprise!!!Is Elder Maddix in your zone right now? Will you get to see him at the conference?I really have no idea where Elder Maddix ended up. I only got to see him for a short time when he first arrived. I may or may not there are 3 zones. Also, kiss maya for me. That makes me really sad.

She'll be ok. I think it is like a little cut or ingrown toenail or something! Just is still hurting her so I'll take her in.
No more incidents with the punks??? Please tell me if something happens. I can handle it!
We got a Book of Mormon stolen from us by some punks like 3 days ago, but I decided it would be better for them to have it anyway. :)

Same punks that hit you? Just one BofM? Were you holding it at the time? :( I don't think they are very smart people. Have you seen how tall you are?

Hey, I have to go to Sliven now, but I love you all! Look for my pictures this evening after Sliven!!! :)

Sorry not a ton. But I will have more tonight after Sliven.
Elder Worley and Diado

Me being stupid facebook picture. :)
My new coat

More photos from today's hike in Slevin!! Nothin made me smile bigger than seeing he is wearing the Batman shirt...

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