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D&C 100: 4-5 "Therefore, I, the Lord, have suffered you to come unto this place; for thus it was expedient in me for the salvation of souls. Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men;"

Well, here is your weekly update on life for your favorite missionary in Stara Zagora!! Let's start with some questions...  We are DYING to hear all about Elder Worley. Tell us everything. Where is he from? How long has he been out? What areas has he been in? Are you getting along great?
- Elder Worley is such a stud. He is from West Jordan, and he's been out a little over a year. He has served in Ruce, Burgas, and Sofia for a long time. He is way into photography!!! We have long chats about that and how much I miss it. He loves cars, and computers. We are very very similar. We get along just great!! I'm excited to work with him!  
Who is the new sister serving in Stara Zagora?
Her name is Sister Shumway. I haven't got to know her quite as well.  
Who are the darling children in your last pics? We can't figure that out.
They are Vili, Petko, and Anes. Vili's brothers and her.  
Are you still writing in your journal every day?
Yes yes, don't worry, I will have a novel at the end.  
How much time do you have to read scriptures these days? What are you studying right now?
Every morning we study personally for an hour. President has issued a challenge to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. That is what I'm concentrating on.  
How is the work going on the branch building going? Where is it? How many people meet in it each week?
Gross. The building's roof collapsed because there was a problem with the air conditioning unit. We got that fixed and cleaned up, but there is SO. MUCH. CRAP. to sort through. But it's a work in progress. Usually have about 20 people ish including the missionaries.  
How is the space on your sd cards going? Need more? Are they safe?
I move everything off my SD cards onto my flash drive every week. Lots and lots of room.  
Coat???????????????????????? Any snow yet?
I purchased a sweatshirt/sweats combo that looks really really cool. It cost about $50 for the pair. No snow yet, and I'm starting to browse around for coats. The sweatshirt worried me at first, because the zipper is on the woman's side in america. But I searched the sweatshirt many times and found the word ?????? which means Men. So relief was found there. :)
Plans today? What you been doing for fun?
Probably going to the mall, might look for a coat. Eating some KFC, then watching a movie at the church.  
How is the clothes situation going? Anything wearing out (besides the stuff I know about?)? Enough shirts? Ties? Socks?
 Hahaha socks are starting to get hurt. But nothing bad. Everything else is just fine.
How much have you been walking every day? We have seen a couple of bus pics. Are you riding those a bunch?
No, we walk everywhere. The buses are only just if we need to go to a different city. Which we do a lot.  
We haven't heard a spiritual thought from you in a while. What are you feeling being so immersed in the gospel? What is it that you share with others about your testimony?
It is really hard to be constantly immersed. I love it, but being around the gospel so much makes you want others to know about it too, and the people here do not want to hear it. Most of what I talk to people about  is the Book of Mormon. You can try to criticize anything that the church has done, is doing, will do, doctrine differences, prophets, blah blah blah, but you have to do it faced with the Book of Mormon. I love Jeffrey R. Holland's talk about the Book of Mormon, and that helps to strengthen my testimony. I love the Book of Mormon with all my heart, and I know it's true.
Favorite scripture lately?
Well, about baptism.... 3 Ne 3:7-8   7 Or in other words, yield yourselves up unto us, and unite with us and become acquainted with our a secret works, and become our brethren that ye may be like unto us—not our slaves, but our brethren and partners of all our substance. 8 And behold, I swear unto you, if ye will do this, with an oath, ye shall not be destroyed; but if ye will not do this, I swear unto you with an oath, that on the morrow month I will command that my armies shall come down against you, and they shall not stay their hand and shall spare not, but shall slay you, and shall let fall the sword upon you even until ye shall become extinct.   Hehe.... And on a more serious note, D&C 100:2-5   2 Therefore, follow me, and listen to the counsel which I shall give unto you. 3 Behold, and lo, I have much people in this place, in the regions round about; and an effectual door shall be opened in the regions round about in this eastern land. 4 Therefore, I, the Lord, have suffered you to come unto this place; for thus it was expedient in me for the salvation of souls. 5 Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put  into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men;  
Favorite hymn in Bulgarian????? ?????? ???
-Така Удивен Съм ~ I Stand All Amazed.  
A little something in Bulgarian to translate??? Do NOT skip over this this week! ;)
You have NO IDEA how hard it is to type on a Bulgarian keyboard, but I love you. Soo.......
Аз обичам евангелието на Исус Христос със цял моето сърце. Обичам да уча хората тук в България да живеят по-чисти, и да имат надежда и мир в техните животи. Обичам Господа много, и аз знам че той ми обича също.
Translation:I love the gospel of Jesus Christ with all my heart. I love teaching people here in Bulgaria to live clean, and have hope and peace in their lives. I love the Lord very much, and I know that he loves me also.  
Did you read my request about an ornament from Bulgaria? Have you learned anything about the way Christmas is celebrated? Do they have a special ornament I can have you ship to me to hang this year? 
- I did get the request, but I don't have any idea if Christmas is celebrated the same way here. I'll start asking some people and I'll get back to you. I think that is a great idea.   SOO, Life is good here in Eastern Europe. It has been really rainy especially today. I got woken up to the MOST INTENSE lightning and rain storm I have ever seen in my life today at like 5am. The windows in my apartment are slanted and the rain beats upon it so loud. The lightning and thunder were so loud, and about 1 second apart. I thought my building would collapse.   Elder Worley is doing great, and I already love being with him! I'll send a picture later today. I can't send pictures right now, but I have them with me, and I will make sure to send a couple of things.   How is everyone!! Congrats on the house, that is awesome, and that sucks about your virus. And the gluten-intolerance?? I had BETTER NOT inherit that from you.. :)   How are the girls doing? I miss them a ton! Ally: Congrats on the job at Banana! You will be incredible! Jess: A Cupkake? Fo' Reals? :) Haha you will be delicious. Kakes: A nerd? Wow! You didn't have to work really hard for that one! ;) Haha just kidding. Dad: Stop working so hard! First weekend off in 16 weeks!? That's crazy! Thanks for your email. It's nice to be reminded from the states sometimes. Mom: I'm sorry about the gluten free crap. I hope you can incorporate that into your wonderful cooking that I miss so much.   I love you all so much! If you're still on, email me back! If not, I'll get some pictures this evening.   -- ?????????? ?????  We are all fine. Busy busy. You probably WILL inherit that gluten thing from me. Missy has it too. Something to think about! What is your mall like? Is it anything like ours?It's smaller, but it has a McDonald's and a KFC so we like to taste some american food every once in a while. Quite a bit smaller than in America.
Did you get the pics then? Are they hard to download from there?  I WISH I could send short little videos. We have some doozies!Oh yeah, I can see some videos. We have a computer in the church now, so I can get those. :) The pics were great, it sounds like you had a great time! And the language is coming better and better. Now that I'm not a greenie, I am being forced to speak a lot more, so it gets better. You didn't get a video of me this week did you? I met the parents of a missionary that was going home, named elder larson, and he lives in orem. His parents came to pick him up and they took a video of me playing the piano and said that they would send it. Also, I got to see Matt Maddix when I went to sofia for passport work. Very funny.Does the McDonalds and KFC taste the same? Please don't forget to get back on and send pics later today! I will wait to post the blog til they come. Why can't you now? What's happening? How far away do you live from the other missionaries there?Haha it's just fine. And McDonald's and KFC taste almost the same. A little more "European." I won't forget. I just am at the internet zala and it is ridiculously hard to send pictures from here. I will wait till the church. I have like 2 lessons set for tonight so I wll be able to get on. No video from there! Would LOVE IT!!!! Who is this that came? I can find them through email. I will let them get home first!   Happy to hear about Matt Maddix. His mom will be happy. How was he? Did you remember him right away? Did he look good and happy? (So I can report to his mom)
Haha he looked great, but was very very tired just like I was. But the parents I have no idea. Just last name larson. Or larsen. In bulgarian it is the same.   I will send a couple of little tiny videos for you. I'll be sparingly careful in what I send so as not to take up too much downloading time. They will hopefully make you smile to hear familiar voices and see faces that love you. Did you get my last email last week about telling Elder Barber that I love him and thank you?
Yeah I did. He is in Shumen now with another Greenie. I think its hard because it's a new city. But he's doing ok. Have you heard about having to leave the country for your visa yet? Do you know where you would go or for how long?
I shouldn't have to at all. . .I get my Permanent Resident card in like a week and then I just have to renew that in a year.
Holy cow? Shumen is another new city? That's amazing! Do you know how many missionaries are in Bulgaria right now? Has it grown?
Ummm it is growing a lot. There are 4 new cities open this transfer. Like 5 missionaries went home this transfer, and we got 7.Oh wow. That is different about the permanent resident card than I had heard. I thought you would have to leave. How are the Wilsteads liking Bulgaria?  Any more trouble with the locals? Anyone interested? Or even kind?Haha yeah. The Wilsteads love it! Sister Wilstead is compiling a cookbook and I'm debating which one I want to send in. Also, Elder Worley let it slip that he likes soup. I don't know how to make soup.Could you e-mail me a nice receipe for soup? No more local trouble yet, and lots of people are very kind. Just lots not interested. How does it work going home? Not that we are thinking of that of course. Just wondering. Is it done all together or on an individual basis as per your start date? How did picking up their son work??? How long were they staying? Were they traveling anywhere else? Your entire MTC group goes home at the same time. This transfer is a little shorter, because they realized that the people that would be here would be missing three Christmas's so they are cutting it off a week early. They came and toured all of Bulgaria for like 5 days.  I'll send you the potato soup and a chicken noodle. That one is just in my head so I'll do the best I can. And taco soup? What DO you cook and eat over there? Anything you can't get? How is the fruit?OH MY GOSH. The fruit is so good. And they juice everything. This morning I had a tall glass of Pineapple juice. Way awesome. I cook a lot of pasta..and...yeah. I don't cook a ton. I eat a lot of bread and tomato paste.Wow! Just the parents came? I'm still hoping that we will get the chance to do that when the time comes. Would you like that?It's up to you. I'll have to find out more about it when it getsm closer, because it is technically discouraged, but I don't know. I'll ask president.  I know it is "discouraged", but people do it all the time. My grand plan would be to come there and spend a few days touring and then my dream would be to go to Spain on our way home and visit our family.That would be very fun. And yeah so what up with the gluten. Is that basically wheat? Or what do I avoid? Yeah I gave it to them.   Sadly gluten is in everything with wheat or flour, and some ither things. You don't have to go gluten free. BUt be watchful that you are getting  plenty of "raw" and natural foods like fruits, vegetables and proteins and LIMITING the amount of wheat you are having. It can cause a whole slough of problems. The virus has been super fun! I am starting to feel better but still sooo tired. The doctor prescribed a trip to Maui to recover. Somehow dad didn't quite go for that? I'm so sorry that sucks so bad. Yeah I'll start to be more careful...after my mission. We eat bread here. And lot's of it.   I take it that they don't celebrate Halloween there? And most likely not Thanksgiving? yes halloween no thanksgiving.  Shut up! Halloween???? Do they dress up like here? Is it the same date???Yeah I think the young people dress up. And yeah same date. I will be a Mormon for Halloween. :) Love you!!!
I AM PRAYING that they packages I sent the other day make it. I will have some specific instructions about the Christmas box I sent! hehehehehehehe!~Okayyyyyyyy??? Thanks for doing that! Gotta go. Love you so much! I'll send those pics later today!   I love you MORE! Thanks for all the info! That was so nice!


Hey so here is Elder Worley, Him and I, Elder Barber and I on our trip
to drop him off, and the mission home. Love you!
Sorry, not a ton of pictures this week. :(
Старейшина Форши

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