Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Elder Barber and I got a call from President Wilstead to go down to Haskovo to find an apartment. It is a city in my zone that will be opened for missionary work this transfer. We went down, and I got to play adult for a little while! I hired a real estate agent and everything!'

I'm on a little early today, so if you're on, let me know!

(answering his very excited but very impatient mommy:)
Yeah i'm here, wait just a sec for the big email..... :)
Hello everybody!! 

I have some news for this week, so I'll get to that, but let me start with your questons. And yes, I have some pictures for you. :)

What were you doing in Sofia last week?  You mentioned you will be going there another couple of times.  What is going on with that? Do you know the dates of your travel?
 - Sofia is where we go for passport work. I am getting my лична карта which is basically my permanent resident card. It takes the place of my visa. I have no idea when I will be traveling.
Has your Pday changed permanently or is it just being switched occasionally? If you could givce me as much notice as possible, that would save me from staying uptil 3 am for nothing when possible. However, I never mind waiting up if I have a chance to talk to ya...
 - No, Zone conference is today, so I will be traveling to Plovdiv. Only when there is a zone conference will the p-day change.
Did you have zone conference yet?  Any mission updates? Transfers? 
 - Zone conference is today, and I'll let you know something in just a little bit...
Did you find a chance to buy that coat? I am just gonna keep naggin at ya until you do... what else do you need to buy? Gloves (since you sent them home stinker)? Scarf?
 - I haven't gone shopping at all for winter stuff. It got really hot again, so there has been no need. Yet. Dun dun dunnnnnn..... :)
Has it turned cold yet? We are starting to see big changes here this week...
 - It got a little colder (like maybe upper 50's) but then it got hot again.
Any new prospects?
 - I don't know what that means?
How is the language coming? Can you believe you have been there since Aug 21??? Has the time gone by fast?
 - Time is going by a lot quicker than in the MTC, but yeah my greenie transfer is almost over!
By chance, can you tell me what zone your dvd player plays there? The research I have done is that different pasrts of the world plays different zones of dvds. It should say somewhere on it or a dvd that you watch?
 - I think my dvd player can play either NTSF or PAL, so either should be fine.
Pics of shoes?
 - ooopppsss.....sorry. I might sneak on sometime up after this week to get them to you.....

Okay, for this week. Elder Barber and I got a call from President Wilstead to go down to Haskovo to find an apartment. It is a city in my zone that will be opened for missionary work this transfer. We went down, and I got to play adult for a little while! I hired a real estate agent and everything! We actually ended up finding an apartment in a day of work, so we have a feeling that Elder Barber and I will be going down there to open a new city! We don't know that for sure, but it would be very cool! It is an incredible city, and the work would go very well there.

So sorry about the lack of information of my "assault" last week. I had like NO time in Sofia. Two very happy young men happened to come up to me and one of them punched me pretty hard in the chest, and the other threw himself kind of on me so I stumbled to the ground. Then they left and went for Elder Barber. They shoved him a little bit, and then left. It wasn't too big of a deal, we get little stuff like that all the time. There isn't any reason to worry, I'm fine. :)

Ummm, yeah so zone conference is today. There was one yesterday for another zone, so I got a little bit of insight for some new rules. :(
Sorry to everyone that I just said that was okay, but President Wilstead just told everybody that they are allowed to send an email to their Parents only. Not even siblings. I can't email anybody family or not. I can have you forward everything to everyone, but not a ton of leaniencey?? Also, they are banning Coke from the mission. They left it up to us this last transfer, and so I have been enjoying some Coke light, but it will be no more. President Wilstead is cracking down on a lot of things. 

I miss everyone so much, and yes don't worry, I was watching conference live when they made the announcement. That's crazy! I can say that I was one of the last people to go when you still had to be 19!

As for the Bulgarian:  

Днес, ще отида в Пловдив защото има конференция. ще се видим със моите приятели от MTC. Обичам евангелието на Исус Христос, и обичам да проповядвам тази работа. Мисията е най-доброто място за научаване словото на бог. Обичам тази работа, и имам свидетелство че всичко това е истинна.
Translation: Today, we go in Plovdiv as a conference. I'll see with my friends from the MTC. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, and love to teach this work. The mission is the best place to learn the word of God. I love this job, and I have evidence that this is true.

Love you all, and pictures to come!!

Elder Forshee

Старейшина Форши
So i'm not sure if it is for sure that I'm going to Haskovo, just a rumour. Tell trev and tay that I miss them so much and best of luck. Yeah president knows about my assault.

It's great here! Yep still happy! I miss the girls so much and I hope that they are doing well. Tell them that their big brother prays for each of them. Haskovo is for sure being opened, but i'm just not sure if by me or not. No girls were hurt. They kind of leave the sister missionaries alone which is good.

Will you be emailing this early in the future??  I likey! :)
Hahaha no i won't. We are just traveling today that's why. And I actually have to go after I send this last picture one. Have you been getting them??
That cute girl is Vili. She is a 3 year old monster. :)

apartment stuff

This is the sunset that we woke up to this morning. We slept on top of the church building because it is our last week before we get a new one.

Our little sleepover. Made our own stuffing beds.

Love you all!!!

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