Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"I listened to all of conference in bed those days. Some really helpful stuff! I loved President Uchtdorf's talk about airplanes." :)

Sorry it's a little later today, we had some stuff to do this morning. 

It has been an interesting week. Tuesday was our p-day, and we travelled into Plovdiv for zone conference, where we got to see the Wilsteads again, and then wednesday was zone conference. I learned a lot of stuff, and President Wilstead put the whip down on a lot of new rules. But they are all going to make the mission a better place. Nikola, my baptismal date dropped out, and we haven't heard from him at all. He is moving to Burgas, and will not be seeing us again. It had something to do with his wife and him not wanting to give up some of his issues after all. So that sucked. Then Thursday I came down with a fever, but worked through it all day long. Then Friday it got worse, so we stayed in. Saturday same thing. I listened to all of conference in bed those days. Some really helpful stuff! I loved President Uchtdorf's talk about airplanes. :) We have no investigators anymore, so it is a lot of street contacting. We haven't hit transfers yet, but they will let me know where I will be going and who I will be with this Saturday. I hope that I am with Elder Barber down in Haskovo, that would be amazing. If I don't get to be with Elder Barber, I will miss him terribly. I will probably be going to Sofia this Monday for continued passport work. I don't know though, that would just be a guess. We are going to the mall in just a couple of minutes, because I don't have really anything to keep me warm. I am just going to buy a sweatshirt/sweater, and still browse around for winter coats. Then we will watch a movie at the church, then go to a member's house for her birthday, then have steaks (which are marinating at my apartment right now, yumm) with an investigatorish. It will be a full day, and I have some pictures to send you. I unfortunately cannot right now, but they will be to you in the next couple of hours. I love and miss everyone! I'm happy that your trip to Las Vegas was fun, I am incredibly jealous. There is not really anything I like better than that. :) Congrats to Ally on the job at Banana Republic! They will be lucky to have you! Sorry to dad and the stupid airlines for losing your keyboard. :( That really sucks. I wish I could've been there in the airport for you. And for me. . . :)

Oh yeah, and I have made a major decision about my life. Very prayerfully, and with much thought, and I feel very good about it. I decided to pursue being a pilot. It is something that is very acheivable as a career, and I am well aware of the obsticles that I will face. But reading through my patriarchal blessing, listening to conference, and with a lot of personal prayer, I feel that this is the right path for me. And if the Lord has something different for me in life, He will jump in. Until he does, I am going to be a pilot! I have some decisions to make regarding my schooling, and if I would like to switch to UVU or to continue and finish a degree at BYU then go to a seperate school. If you could maybe look at some different options about stuff like that, that would be fun. And it's not like we have to decide right now. I have 20 months left. :)

I love you all, and can't wait to get some of these pictures off to you. 

As far as your being a pilot, we of course want you to succeed in your dreams and will do anything we can to help those come along. You need to let me know what that is for now. I will start researching for you, my love.
I'm glad to hear that. No more teenage punks for now. I'm very excited to see where I will go as well!! Did the phone thing work? And yes I saw the fees. It was stupid because I drew a little bit of money, then checked like 2 days later and there was no fee. So I was like yay! Then I did some more money, and there were two fees. :( Oh well, it is only 25 cents to use it at a vendor, so that is what I will do. Is everyone doing good? I'm happy to see about the lot!
The phone thing worked perfectly as planned. Woke us both up out of a dead sleep!!! That is exciting. I had been sitting there hitting the refresh button every 5 seconds. That got super old.
I have more pics for you.
I'm so sorry!!! Tell Dad I'm so sorry I'm sure he's tired. I love him and go back to sleep!
Sorry if my first email was a little loopy, I accidentally took my pill when I was getting ready for bed and I NEVER do that on Sunday nights! Hopefully it made some sense... ;)
Hahaha and towards the end of your letter I could have guessed ON MY OWN that you were on Ambien!!! :) : ) :)
Did Pres Wilstead give you any indication IF you would be leaving there at all his transfer?? Or going to Hoskovo?He doesn't give any hints like that.. usually. But he did drop quite the Hint to Elder Barber that he will probably be in Haskovo. Whether or not I am with him, I don't know. But I will find out this Saturday.
I hope you aren't disappointed if you aren't there this time. Remember that the lord may need you somewhere else for now.
I'm sorry about nikola. That must suck.
What are the rules wilstead cracked down on?
Well, before it was a I'm not going to stop you if you like to drink coke kind of a thing. But now it is absolutely no caffeine at all. And no district lunches. And different things on how to run our schedule. But it is all for the best I suppose. But no more delicious coke light. :(

My P-Day activities all just came to a sudden halt too. We just got a call that the new building for the Stara Zagora Branch is ready and I now get to move all day long. So my shopping will just have to wait. 

You HAVE to have a coat. Don't make me bring you one. You know I will. Haha I will don't worry. It is jumping up to 80+ degrees out here this week. It will just be a little longer. I do have to run to the church to get moving however. I love you so much and I'll email those pictures when I have some time today! :)

We met a couple of missionaries at orange leaf the othe day. I ran right to them and plastered then with questions. I told them about you. Dad told them you had been punched. One of them said , "LUCKY!!"
We bought their yogurt and they were super grateful and left. I am hoping one day someone will buy your yogurt. :)
That's awesome. Love you so much!

Старейшина Форши

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