Monday, March 4, 2013

So Sofia is amazing. It is so big it's crazy. It feels like I'm in New York or something. There are great places to see, tons of people to talk to, and fun people to be around.

Nick's mom here, with a HUGE apology for the gap in blogging. It has actually been a challenging time in Bulgaria for my favorite missionary, as he has faced opposition and challenges that we did not expect. Many important lessons have been learned and Nick's opportunity to grow has definitely been provided. As I catch up on some of the posts from the past 2 months, please enjoy his new adventure with us in Sofia (his first transfer!!) He is so excited to be there and is loving the new area!

How is the new branch? How many? - The branch is amazing. About 100 people came to church yesterday, and almost EVERYONE SPEAKS PERFECT ENGLISH. My favorite member is Martin (Мартин), and he is fluent fluent in like 7 languages. He helps us all the time with member presents, and it is just cool.

How is the new companion? Tell me about him. - Elder M is awesome. He is from South Jordan and he played football down at SUU for a semester before coming out. He is in the group right ahead of me, so he entered the MTC in April. We get along great, are already great friends, and have a ton of the same interests. 

So, I have heard rumors of more political unrest. What is with the protests and riots in Sofia? I got an email from who I think is your senior missionary couple (sister) saying that you all still have electricity despite the cost and that protests and riots are happening. Are you safe? What have you seen? - Well, the country is falling apart. As you probably heard, the Prime Minister resigned, as did the Pope for the Catholic Church. The mafia is controlling the ток  which is the power, and people are having to pay double just cause it's the Mafia. They are pissed and are rioting. We are told to de-tag and run away if we see any members of the Mafia.I have seen a couple of big ones here with some angry Bulgarians, but I haven't gotten anywhere near. Sofia is a HUGE HUGE place. Over 1 million people. -

 Alright. So Sofia is amazing. I cannot believe I was scared to come here. It is so big it's crazy. It feels like I'm in New York or something. There are great places to see, tons of people to talk to, and fun people to be around. Sofia has everything. I have been genuinely happy here. There is such a busy-ness here that is just exciting. For example, I have a 40 minute commute every morning and evening via public transportation to get to the church building. It's a lot of fun to learn "city-life". I am very happy to be here.

Today we are going on a hike to a monastery with Martin. It should be a lot of fun!.
Старейшина Форши

Is it an actual church building that you meet in with so many members?? Have you played the piano for them yet? Where are you emailing from? Internet cafe? How far away from your apartment is it?
It's the mission home. No piano, because we have a member that does it. I'm at an internet cafe about 10 minute walk from the apartment.

Tell me about your new apartment?
It is one of the nicest apartments in the mission. It is huge, has Parno (which is the unlimited hot water pumped in by the city), and it is just awesome. I'll get some pictures for next week.

Has it gotten warmer? I am sending your shoes finally this week. Is there anything else you would like me to send also?
It got really warm yesterday, but then cold again today. I'm hoping that Spring is around the corner. Mmmmmm I'm not sure!? Surprise me? :)

Haha the only thing I can think of is Reeses stuff. There is an american family here that work at the embassy named the S family, and the invited us over for dinner last night and SPOILED us. I got American hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cinnamon rolls, and a ton of easter candy to take home. I was way grateful. It was like being in America again!

Yay!!! They fed you?!? I LOVE them!!! Haha. I got Reese's stuff for you. How funny. I'll send it off this week! 

Thank you for the pics! I love them all. Except the bat one. That one I don't love. Yuck. :)
The bats were ALL OVER!!!! Elder H touched one on the wall. I will take some cool pictures today at the monestary too.

Mom, I gotta go. My ride's here for the monastery. Love you so much! Talk to you next week. :)
Here are the latest pics from Elder Forshee. Last week was his final week in Stara Zagora and they went exploring some caves. So cool!

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  1. I love love love reading this and looking at his pictures!! I miss him so much!