Monday, September 17, 2012

"It is a lovely RAINY day here in Stara Zagora. The rain demolished the heat and I'm loving it."

Hey Ya'lls! How is everybody today!?

It is a lovely RAINY day here in Stara Zagora. The rain demolished the heat and I'm loving it. Let me answer the questions, then I will tell about my week.

What is your favorite thing about the city you are in?
 - Hmmmm.....It is a smaller city which I like. It is only a 25 minute walk across the whole thing. And Stara is the only city in Bulgaria that has straight streets like a grid system. Makes getting around easier.
What is your apartment like? Do you fit in that little bed?
 - Hahahahaha my apartment is kind of a joke.. :) It is like 400 sq. feet, has no hot water anywhere except the shower, and even that is only lukewarm. And the water smells oddly like eggs..... Small kitchen with only 2/4 working stoves. No disposal. :) But it's pretty cool.
What is your favorite time of your day? Least favorite?
 - Favorite actual hour of the day is when I get to language study. Least favorite is the couple minutes right before contacting, when you realize that you will be pounding the pavement for hours.
How are the people that you are teaching doing? Are they progressing? Committed?
 - Haha "progressing." That's a funny word that means nothing in Bulgaria. No one is even close to a baptism. And all of our "progressing" investigators eventually get bored and ask us to never call them again.
How's the branch you are meeting at?
 - Haha ummm, it's cool..ish. We have probably 13-16 members coming, and they are all over the age of 55. The branch president is my district leader Elder Olmstead.
How far do you walk each day?
 - I have no way to know for sure, but I would guess 5-7 miles.
When is your zone conference? Will it be in Sofia? Where will you all stay?
 - Zone conference is for Zones, not missions. My zone head is in Plovdiv. I will be going down there just for the day in October sometime. Early bus down, late bus back.
Have you seen President or Sister Wilstead? 
 - Many times! Sister Wilstead says hi to you every time we see each other. She was telling me about your reaction to the video.
Have any transfers happened yet?
 - Nope. Every 9 weeks is a mission wide transfer.
What are the cars that you keep taking pics of? I'm SURE there has to be a story along with those! 
 - Hehehe. Here in Bulgaria, we have what is called the "family," a.k.a. Mafia. If you see a nice car with the same number for all of its license plate, then the car is owned by the mafia. I have a goal to take a picture of all of them, 0 - 9. If I see the car that is 0000, then that is the Mafia leader. I can't wait. Apparantly the mafia here like the Mormons....
We would like to send you a family christmas video... what is the best method to get it to you? DVD? Flashdrive? Email? All family stuff and Christmas related music not to worry. ;) 
 - Probably DVD. I have a DVD player in my apartment, but I'm not exactly sure it's allowed. Plan on sending it, but I'll let you know if I can't.
Anything exciting happening this week? 
 - Well, I got to go 3 places. Slevin on Monday for the hiking, Plovdiv on Wednesday for a zone training, and Brother Major's farm on friday near Nova Zagora. The hike was incredible, pictures to follow, but I did get a little sick afterwards. I overexerted with no water, and caused a nice fun migraine. I had to take a little bit of rest time  on Tuesday. Plovdiv was cool! I got to see Elders Hoy and Greenacre who are in plovdiv right now. And the farm was cool! We did a service project harvesting grapes.
Anyone else tried to spit on you?? Take your nametag? I am not happy with those guys!!! ;) 
 - Haha not yet, but soon don't worry! ;)

So yeah I'm having a wonderful time here! Tell Grandma Cindy that I loved getting her letter. It made it here just fine. I miss everybody a ton, and can't wait to get some pictures sent to you! Love you all, and talk to you soon!

Старейшина Форши
Nope haven't gotten the Dearelder. Apparently, the Wilsteads if they have the oppurtunity will try to take you letters and packages, but there's no guarantees. They were at the zone training meeting that I went to.

No I haven't gotten any other letters or dearelders. And no jacket yet. I haven't tried my atm card for fear of fees. Should I try it today?
Yeah they are all coming through. I just had to upload a ton of pictures so I couldn't respond. :) Like them??

Haha nope we didn't overpack. I really have everything right now. But missionary mall kinda sucks. Their belts are coming apart, and one of my shoes is starting to wear through where my heel is. I don't think we should get new ones sent yet, but eventually.

It's a 25 minute walk from my apartment, and it's like 1.20 lev / hour.

Cool. I'll send those next week.
Haha she said that Both you and elder barber's mom started it off with "Thank you Thank you Thank you!" I was like, yeah that sounds like my mom all right. :)

I got all of the pictures. ALLY DYED HER HAIR?? I think I remember you telling me that but that is nuts that you let her do that. But tell her it looks pretty. Love my girls. But I can't see the video. Public computers I can't download. Plans for today, get some баница cause I'm starving, maybe a дюнер, go to the church and watch Mulan with the elders and sisters in my district. Take it back and relax, then I have 3 lessons tonight at 6 7 and 8 pm.
I haven't knocked on a single door. We are saving tracting like that for the winter. The main street in every city is called the glav. It is pedestrian only, and has shops and stuff. We walk up and down it with books of mormon talking to as many people as possible. We give pamphlets about the book of mormon and take down phone numbers to meet with people again.

Hey, I have to go now, but I love you, glad I could talk to you, and I'll talk to you next week!

Here are some pictures of my hike! The pictures don't do it justice, but we took this ski lift literally up the face of this mountain to the top. It was SO HIGH!!! Really great sights with the Slevin Elders and Sisters as will.

Haha yeah that city is Sleven. The satelite thing I think is just a radio / cell phone tower, but it was HUGE. Again the pictures don't do them justice.

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