Monday, September 10, 2012

"Guess where I am today! I got to go to Слевин Slevin with my entire district. We took a bus out super early today, and are going to be hiking around here."

Quick Mommy note...
So, I have found my new Sunday night routine... Send my email to Nick with that week's need-to-know questions...then...I just stay awake until 2 am MT (that's 11 am Bulgarian time) and I get to chat with Elder Forshee! Sooooo worth it! I will just post his emails and responses to the questions I ask him during our conversation. We got doubly lucky this week...MORE PICTURES!!!


Hey Ya'lls! How are you? Sorry, It doesn't look like I will be able to email any earlier than 10:30 at the earliest. But guess where I am today! I got to go to Слевин Slevin with my entire district. We took a bus out super early today, and are going to be hiking around here. I'm so happy to see that you are all doing well! I love to hear from you because it is a definitely hard work out here. Let me start out by answering you questions.  .  .

How is the teaching going? Any new contacts? How is the reception of the people going this week? Any better? We all sent our love and affection as requested... <3
 - Eh, teaching is all right. I have 3 progressing investigators at the moment. Their names are Vania, Airgyuun, and Demietir. Ваня, Ергюн, и Дмитер. They are all hard to teach here. Nobody wants us in the country let alone to be taught. . But things are going good.
Is it still hot or is it starting to cool down? When do the seasons change?
 - Starting to cool down, but not too quick. It is just soo hot here. :) They should change within about a month.
Is the terrain a lot like UT? Mountainous ? Hilly? Difficult to walk?
 - Stara Zagora has one hill...and I live on top of it. Everything else is very flat. Not too difficult to walk, except the streets suck really bad. Need to be redone.
It is my understanding that there are 4 elders in Stara Zagora including yourself? And two sisters??? Who are they? Is this correct? Where do the others live? Do you see them?
 - That is correct. Elders Barber, Olmstead, and Lamb. And Sisters Campbell and Frame (who was in the MTC with me). I see them on a daily basis. We have lunches and stuff.
What do you do for food? Give us a rundown on your daily meals... Eat out? Cooking? Lunch on the go?
 - Food is interesting here. It just doesn't change. I hardly ever eat breakfast, but if I do it is a small bowl of cornflakes or a yogurt. Lunch is most often 2 Duners (which are basically chicken, french frie, and sauce in a flatbread taco), and for dinner usually a piece of bread with лютенитза on it. Kind of like tomato paste that is really good. But that's about it. I am so exhausted at night, there isn't any time for cooking. I did make Elder Barber and I some cookie dough the other night for a little treat. I totally eyeballed everything and just had to remember the Nikki's Friend's recipe! It turned out great!
How is the yogurt quest going? Like sour milk yet? ;)
 - haha hahaha. No. It's rather disgusting. :)
Where was church yesterday? Was the pic of the family you sent last week the members that you held church with last Sunday? Did they feed you?
 - Yesterday was in Stara Zagora again. And the picture of the "family" are just the individual members. That's all the members. Not even a family. And no, no feeding.
What things are you enjoying there? What seems to be the hardest part right now?
 - Contacting is harder. But I'm learning to like it. It's just hard when people come up and try to steal your nametag, or start yelling at you or stuff like that. But everything else is cool. I like to live here!
Are most of the missionaries from the United States? Are any local elders?
 - Elder Barber is from Washington state, but we were at BYU at the same time (we didn't know each other). Olmstead is from Arizona, Lamb is from a tiny town near vernal, Frame is from Ephraim, and Campbell is from Seattle.
Any suggestions yet on Christmas? I will be sending this soon...
 - Haha I'm a little nervous... :) No suggestions.
(not really a question)I sent a dear elder last week. I'm sure you haven't received it yet, but be on the lookout..
 - haha will do. I haven't received it yet.
Have you had to buy any clothes yet? A coat or cold weather stuff for when it gets time?
 - No clothes yet, but I'm going to Plovdiv on Wednesday for a Zone meeting. Might get stuff then.
Has the ATM card worked?
 - Haven't tried it yet for fear of large fees. . .
Anything else I am forgetting???
 - Ummm, no! I think that's about everything!

So, харесва ми да бъда тък в стара загора. Обичам да живея в Булгария, и обичам хората тук. Трудно е да бъда мисионер, но аз знам че Господа ме обича и ще ми помага. Обичам да бъда мисионер на църквата на исус христос на светиите от последните дни. Обичам ви, и това е всичко аз мога да говоря на български сега. :)
Translation: I like to be Tuck in Stara Zagora. I love to live in Bulgari, and I love the people here. It's hard to be a missionary, but I know that God loves me and will help me. I love being a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love you and that's all I can now speak Bulgarian.

Dad and Mom, I love you both so much, and your emails make my week every time I get them!
Ally: I'm so sorry about your friend. Just trust in the Lord, and he will help you through.
Jesse: I miss you so much! I want to hear your cute and funny laugh so bad..
Kayla: I hear you're getting so big! You might even be bigger than me when I get back!! :)

So yeah I'm having a great time here, and I will send some new pictures and stuff. I love you all so much!
Старейшина Форши

Ps, I have lost SO. MUCH. WEIGHT. :) :) :) If you ever want to lose like a ton of weight, go on a mission to Bulgaria. :)

Старейшина Форши
Hi! Hold on, I'm uploading pictures. :)

Haha yeah I'm eating enough. I just walk EVERYWHERE. Like literally. Pictures are being transferred to my flash drive right now, so it will be just a couple minutes.

Haha no I'm not in my suit. We are in actual clothes for once!! But yeah we are sightseeing up a mountain. Like a chairlift thing apparantly. That's such a shame about ally.. Give her a big hug from me.

Karandilla mountain. And no food that I really can't get here.

Eh, things are different. Like I hate the butter. But a lot is the same.
Yeah grocery store. Pics are coming now! But I have to go. Love you so much!

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  1. Doni, I think you'd better send a size smaller pants for Christmas. If he keeps losing weight, he won't be able to keep his pants up! That can't do for a missionary ;o)

    It's SO good to read this post every week. Thank you so much for being a missionary assistant!