Monday, September 3, 2012

"I am in......Stara Zagora!!! It is a really cool city. Lots of tall apartment buildings."


Good!! I'm here safe in Bulgaria. Ready for this:??

Who is your new companion? Details!!! Where is he from? How long has he been out? etc...
My companion's name is Elder Barber, and he is from Washington state. He is amazing! And he has been here for about 4 months. He is the youngest trainer! He is amazing at the language, and loves to be here.
What did you do for the first day? Week?
First day, we went and filled out some paperwork, got to go to the place where Bulgaria was set apart to be open for missionary work by Elder Nelson in 1990, dedicated our missions there, then went contacting! For dinner we had Shopska Salad, then Mussika, then the most delicious ice cream ever! All the tomatoes will have to grow on me...
WHat area are you in?
I am in......Stara Zagora!!! It is a really cool city. Lots of tall apartment buildings.
What is your apartment like?
My apartment is probably 200 square feet. It has a tiny kitchen, small couch, and an upstairs with two small rooms. It does have 2 bathrooms though.... The toilets here are weird! They have buttons for either a half or full flush. And the bathrooms are water closets so that I can pee, brush my teeth, and be in the shower all at the same time. Really bizarre.
How has laundry gone?
I did my first load of laundry today, and it went well. They are hanging out to dry right now.
What does the area look like? Can you upload photos yet??? This particular internet cafe doesn't have USB ports, but we will look for one that does soon. It is a really beautiful country!
What about the food?
My favorite item is a Duner. (almost pronounced like your name) It is kind of like a soft taco, but it is flatbread with french fries, yummy meats, sauses, and vegetables.
Are you able to speak to people in the language?\
I can bear a good testimony, but that's about it. Elder Barber is apparently impressed at my speaking skills though.
Has anybody yelled at you?
Not quite yet.... Someone tried to spit on me today, but they missed :)
Are you getting used to the temperature?
NO!!! It is so hot. All. The. Time. Like I am literally drenched in sweat from 10am to 9pm. But the church is air conditioned well. My apartment isn't though....
How are your shoes holding up? A lot of walking?
Tons of walking! Like we walk all the way across the city probably 5 times a day for all of our appointments and stuff. No cars or bikes.
How has the money situation been? Bought anything?
Money has been good. I bought a small german plate in the frankfurt airport, which cost like 2 dollars, and a dictionary, but that was on the Support funds. It doesn't look like I will need to use any american money.

I loved the pics!!! But i don't think I got the one that you sent this morning. I'm starting to miss some of my MTC friends, but I am focusing on the work and loving it.

Haha yes I went to church YESTERDAY!! :) :) It is almost  11am here. It was cool! I actually didn't go to the Stara Zagora branch, I got assigned to go to Haskovo. It was an hour and a half bus ride down. There is a small group down there (not big enough for a branch) with one priesthood holder who was sick. Elders Barber and I were the only priesthood holders. The meeting was 2 hours, with 6 people, one of which wasn't a member. I blessed the sacrament, passed it, then got up to give a talk in Bulgarian! It was crazy, but the people said that I did great. It is really hard to understand the people. :)

Just one native and Sister Wilstead. First was shopska salad with kislio mliako (the yogurt), which was okay. I am not a huge fan of just eating tomatoes plain. Then was mousikka which is a famous like potato and egg casserole kind of thing. Felt kind of like that breakfast casserole that you did for christmas but with lots of potatoes on the bottom and different spices. Then the ICE CREAM straight from heaven itself. It is in-frickin-credible. I love it a ton. I hear very similar to real gelato.

It's just us. And to be honest, we don't eat a lot. Small small breakfast, then nothing till like 3 or 4 where we will have like a small duner, then some bread and tomato paste for dinner. Very good tasting, but not a ton. I have already felt myself losing a TON of weight. Tons of constant excersise too. It is just us in the apartment.

Stratton is in Sofia, and Hoy is in Plovdiv. I will probably be here for 18 weeks. They are 9 week transfers, but they have a 12 week greenie program, so I will probably be here until like January.

Haha we aren't sight seeing today, we are going to a mall with some american food to hang out with our district. No jeans / tshirt. All dressed up, all the time.

We excersise at 6:30 just in our apartment when we wake up, so we are already in like excersise clothes.

We can play sports on PDay, but not a ton of time. We still have our 4 hours of study a day, and pday ends at 6. If we are playing sports, then yes we can wear exercise clothes.

There is a doctor that works with the Church in Sofia, but I have been very healthy. If we feel sick we are to call Sister Wilstead immidiately, and she will take care of things..

Love them both so much. They are incredible, and all of the rules are actually right out of the handbook. They only enforce them because it's what the Lord has set for us. It really makes the mission great.

There is a teacher for Sunday School, and the Group Leader (bishop). Everyone else is just the congregation. I spoke in church, but no singing.
We can't use the english ones anymore. Hey I have to go, but I love you, and I'll talk to you next week!!! :)

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