Monday, September 3, 2012

"Аз знам че Бог Отец и Исус Христос ни обичат."

Hey everybody!! Week 2 in Bulgaria here we come. I did need to send this to all my friends as well, because I cannot email friends whilst here on the mission. :( Bummer. But my wonderful parents can forward these emails to whomever might like them. Bulgaria is going great!! Elder Barber and I are having a good time. I will take the liberty of answering those questions for you now...

Can you listen to any music there?
- Yes, but only Church / Classical.
How is the language coming?
- Everybody says that I'm doing very well. I'm not sure exactly how well myself, but I have to just keep telling myself I have only been in the country for a week and a half....
Have you ridden the buses or just walked? How far?
- We walk. Everywhere. We literally walk from one end of the city to the other just from our apartment to church. We cross the city probably 5 times a day.
Have you made any Bulgarian food yet?
- Made? Negative. By the time I get home every night, I'm so exhausted there isn't any energy to make anything. I did make some eggs last night for Elder Barber and I. My favorite Bulgarian foods thus far are: Лютеница, Баница, мусика. They are way good.
How's the yogurt?
- Hmmmm.... Well, there will be things that I will just have to get used to won't I! :) It's literally like milk that has been left out for a month.
Any spiritual experiences you'd like to share?
- Well, I'm really enjoying bearing my testimony in lessons. I can't do a ton of teaching yet, but whenever the opportunity arrives, I like to bear my testimony of that which Elder Barber is teaching. It gives me a chance to practice and allows for the Spirit to teach what the investigator needs.
When is the next zone conference?
- Octoberish??
Can you receive dear elders? The letter we got from pres wilsteas said you can but only every couple weeks.
- Yeah, but we only get mail like every 6 weeks.
Anything you need?
- Love and affection. Most of the people here don't know what that is....
Anything you can think of for Christmas that I can send?
- Not really?
How is grocery shopping?
- It's weird. Everything is in Bulgarian, so I have no idea what I'm buying. But it's a new experience! 
Have you bought any souvenirs? 
- I bought a map of Stara Zagora. I will buy one for every city I am in.
How is the money situation? Have you needed extra? Pulled any out?
- We have so much money here. Like literally. I shouldn't need to pull too much out at all. 
Where did elders hoy and Stratton end up? 
- Hoy is in Plovdiv, and Stratton is in Sofia.
Do you miss your mommy even a little bit?
- Haha всеки ден. Аз обичам майка ми много. (Looked this up and it says: "Every day. I love my mother very much!")
- So to all of my friends, thank you so much for emailing me! I unfortunately have to tell you that I cannot respond to individual emails anymore. My mom will forward all of my information to whoever wants it. 
--Trevor, thank you so much for the good luck email. It really comes in handy.
--Taylor, I'm so excited for you to hit the field! You will be amazing!
--Amy, yes I did get that last letter, and thank you very much. I'm excited for you to start school! Good luck at ballroom tryouts, and I hope this semester is awesome for you.
--To Mindy and Chad, thank you so much for the money. I know this is where the Lord wants me, and it is always nice to have a donation. Thank you so much!
--To the rest of my family! I am doing great. We contact all day long, because everybody hates us here and no one wants to be taught. Like literally, we had 5 lessons planned for Saturday, and we actually had 1. I wonder if you got the video from Sister Wilstead? Anyway, I'm going to try to see if I can send some pictures now, so I love you all, and here is my Bulgarian Testimony this week:

Аз знам че Бог Отец и Исус Христос ни обичат. Дават ни заповедите за да ни правят щастливи. Аз знам че Книгата на Мормон е истина. Даде ни мир и щастие. Ако се подчиняваме Книгата на Мормон, ще живеем с Бог и Исус Христос отново. Аз съм благодарен за семейството ми, и свидетелство ми. Казвам тези неща в името на Исус Христос, Амин.
(Translation: I know that God the Father and Jesus Christ love us. Give us orders to make us happy. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. Gives us peace and happiness. If you obey the Book of Mormon, we will live with God and Jesus Christ again. I am thankful for my family, and my testimony. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.)

Okay, so here are some pictures. -My entire district. -Just the guys in my district. -The BRAND NEW plane I flew over the ocean on. -The Airport in DC. -Me next to Elder Barber my new companion, -The View from my balcony, -Another view of the plane, -The Door of our church Building here in Stara Zagora, she's pretty huh.  -A DUNER!!! SO GOOD, -If you see a car with just the same number for the license plate, they are refered to as a family car. Family = Mafia. -The members in Haskovo, -My room, - Us eating a Banitza.

Until Next Week!!!! :)
Старейшина Форши

Peace out Ya'lls!!
Старейшина Форши


  1. I know Nick is in Stara Zagora, but I miss knowing that he is in Utah. It's hard to imagine him so far, so far away. His bed doesn't look big enough for him! I can feel his love for Lufthansa just looking through his eyes in the photo. Thank you again -- I'll be saying this every week -- for sharing his emails, Mama Doni.